12th January 2019

Div 2 Section 6

Edithvale 77 (B Morton 19-17, A Cousens 21-18, G Bourne 20-16, P Woodbridge 17-23) def Berwick 74

The first side endured another epic match, only this time we came home with the points. Playing against Berwick at home, we led well at the break, increased that lead out to nearly 30 shots, but fell apart in the final ends to hang on by just 3 shots. Greg Bourne’s four recovered from dropping a 5 early to open up a strong 19-10 lead, before winning by 4 shots. Alan Cousens’ team scored a 6, 4 and 3 between the seventh and twelfth ends to lead 19-7, and hung on to win by 3 shots. Billy Morton’s four had the close match, leading narrowly for much of the day and scoring a 2 on the last end to win by 2 shots. Peter Woodbridge’s crew picked up a pair of 4s mid-match to lead 17-9, but disintegrated in the run home and lost by 6 shots. This leaves the first side two games clear in third position on the ladder, and well placed to play in finals.

Div 2 Section 8

Edithvale 66 (P Bryant 25-19, A Benson 10-28, B Overson 16-20, C Baskett 15-18) lost to Coatesville 85

The second side ventured north to Coatesville to once more face this ex-Div 1 side, and lost by 19 shots. Pam Bryant’s team of Jeanette Barrett, Heather Redpath and Tricia Comerford took much delight in defeating a team of all men by 6 shots, picking up six 3s in the process and winning the Drinks for the Day. Claire Baskett’s team showed the importance of playing the whole 21 ends, when they picked up 6 shots at the end to reduce their deficit to just 3 shots. Barb Overson’s four also had a tight match, leading 10-4 early, falling behind, recovering again and losing by 4 shots. Andrew Benson’s crew found the going much tougher, recovering well from 1-10 to get back to 7-10, before losing by 18 shots.


Div 4 Section 8

Edithvale 55 (N Lewis 14-22, R Weston 11-18, M Bourne 12-30, B Baird 18-21) lost to Berwick 91

The third side also played against a Berwick side at home, but had a big battle on their hands against one of the strongest clubs in town, and lost by 36 shots. Bob Baird’s four started slowly at 5-11, but a few good ends brought them up to 14-all, before they lost by 3 shots. Ray Weston’s team were in huge trouble at 3-18, but a strong finish saw them win the last six ends to reduce the deficit to 7 shots. Neil Lewis’ crew also started slowly at 3-10, before they picked up a couple of 3s to even the match out for an 8 shot loss, while Margaret Bourne’s four had trouble winning the mat and despite scoring a solid 4 on the sixteenth end, went down by 18 shots.

Div 5 Section 6

Edithvale 50 (I Thomas 14-13, J Cracknell 14-33, B Hambridge 11-33, B Turnbull 11-19) lost to Dandenong Club 98

The fourth side ventured out to the new ‘covered green’ at Dandenong Club, and lost by 48 shots. Ian Thomas’ four had a 1 shot win in a low-scoring affair (fifteen singles in the match) by winning the last three ends. Bernie Turnbull’s crew also had a low scoring match (another fifteen singles) and lost by 8 shots. John Cracknell’s team had a battle on their hands. Playing most of the game one player short and unfortunately giving the opposition an 8 in their 19 shot loss, while Bernie Hambridge’s four were under pressure all day and lost by 22 shots.