19th January

Pennant Results

Div 2 Section 6

Edithvale 85 (B Morton 18-21, A Cousens 20-15, G Bourne 18-19, P Woodbridge 29-10) def Cranbourne 65

The first side ventured out to Cranbourne and came home with a solid 20 shot victory. Peter Woodbridge’s crew picked up a pair of 4s mid-match to open up a good lead, then scored another 4 followed by a 5 in the run home to win by 19 shots. This earned the rink of Peter, Marg Gumbleton, Suzanne Webber and Julie Bennett the Drinks for the Day on a countback. Alan Cousens’ team shot out to an early 11-1 lead, before the match evened out a little for a 5 shot win. Greg Bourne’s four had a seesawing battle, level at 8-all, trailling 9-17, level at 18-all, before it all came down to the final end, where we lost the measure. Billy Morton’s team trailled narrowly for much of the day but won the last three ends to lose by just 3 shots.

Div 2 Section 8

Edithvale 53 (P Bryant 11-26, A Benson 18-18, B Overson 14-15, C Baskett 10-26) lost to Moorabbin 85

The second side hosted Moorabbin but once more found it tough going and lost by 32 shots. Andrew Benson’s crew picked up a 6 early to open up a good lead, before the opposition caught them on the 16th end. Falling gradually behind, we scored a 3 on the last end to force a tie. Barb Overson’s four also had a tight match, and scored 14 singles in the match to lose by just one shot. Pam Bryant’s team had their work cut out for them, winning nine ends in their 15 shot loss, while Claire Baskett’s team had a match of two halves, leading 7-0 early before struggling to regain the mat in their 16 shot loss.

Div 4 Section 8

Edithvale 64 (N Lewis 15-21, P Brain 13-17, M Bourne 15-26, B Baird 21-14) lost to Hampton Park 78

The third side ventured out to Hampton Park, and lost by just 14 shots. Bob Baird’s four won 15 ends in a dominant display, leading 12-3 early and winning by 7 shots. Peter Brain’s team had a tight tussle all day, winning eleven ends but losing the last two ends for a 4 shot loss. Neil Lewis’ crew started strongly to lead 8-6, fell away to trail by 10 shots before winning seven of the last eight ends in a 6 shot loss. Margaret Bourne’s four started well to be level on 10-apiece after eight ends, but fell away in the run home and lost by 11 shots.

Div 5 Section 6

Edithvale 101 (I Thomas 17-25, J Cracknell 20-17, B Hambridge 35-16, B Turnbull 29-15) def Mulgrave 73

The fourth side had a very exciting day, defeating Mulgrave by 28 shots, and scoring two 8s and a 7 in the process. Bernie Hambridge’s four (with Lynne Fleming, Rachel Atkinson and Sally King) picked up an 8, a 5 and a 3 in the opening four ends to lead 16-1, then scored a 7 in the run home to win by 19 shots. Bernie Turnbull’s crew (with Peter Pawsey, Rob Bennett and Shirley Simpson) were cruising along nicely at 17-11 when they scored an 8, leading to a 14 shot victory. John Cracknell’s team staged an excellent recovery from 8-13 to win thirteen ends for the day in their 3 shot victory, while Ian Thomas’ four  led 8-5 early, fell behind, but won the last three ends to go down by 8 shots.