1st December

Saturday Pennant

Div. 2 Sec 6

Edithvale 77 (B Morton 17-22, A Cousens 13-31, G Bourne 24-12, P Woodbridge 23-16) lost to Mulgrave 81

The first side did the unthinkable on Saturday, following up a smashing win against the top side with a loss to the bottom side, Mulgrave. Greg Bourne’s four dominated their match, winning 13 ends and picking up a 4 and two 3s in a 12 shot win. They were well supported by Peter Woodbridge’s crew, who scored a 5 on the 10th end to open up a good lead, and won by 7 shots. Bill Morton’s team led 8-5 early, dropped the next 7 ends, fought back well to regain the lead, but fell away for a 5 shot loss, while Alan Cousens’ team were well place at 6-9, but struggled in the second half of the match and lost by 18 shots.

Div 2 Section 8

Edithvale 61 (P Bryant 18-20, A Benson 18-16, B Overson 17-18, A Pauligk 8-28) lost to Parkdale 82

The second side journeyed to Parkdale to face the opposition’s first side, and lost by 21 shots. Andrew Benson’s four shot out to a 13-5 lead, lost the next five ends, but recovered well to win by 2 shots. Barb Overson’s team won seven ends in the run home to reduce a 6-13 deficit to a 1 shot loss. Pam Bryant’s crew were in all sorts of trouble at 1-14, but picked up two 4s in the second half to lose by just 2 shots. Ann Pauligk’s four were well placed at 4-6, but struggled in the run home and lost by 20 shots.

Div. 4 Sec 8

The third side hosted Cranbourne RSL, and lost a close match by 6 shots. Claire Baskett’s four scored two 6s in the opening ends to race out to a 21-7 lead, and hung on in the closing stages to win by 10 shots. Margaret Bourne’s team led 9-3 early, and finished the match clinging on to a 2 shot win. Neil Lewis’ crew had the close match, all square at 14-all and 17-all, before losing by a solitary shots, while Ray Smith’s four got off to a slow start and struggled to win the mat in a 19 shot loss.

Div 5 Section 6

Edithvale 74 (I Thomas 11-22, J Cracknell 13-24, B Hambridge 23-16, B Baird 27-14) lost to Waverley Golf 76

The fourth side ventured out to Churchill Waverley Golf, and lost a nail-biter by just 2 shots. Bob Baird’s team scored four 4s in a dominant display, racing out to a 15-4 lead, before the match evened out for a 13 shot win. This earned the rink of Bob (S), Bernie Turnbull, Robyn Cook and Robert Bennett the Drinks for the Day. Bernie Hambridge’s four were in a close match until they scored a 5 on the 13th end, and this helped them win by 7 shots. Ian Thomas’ crew won ends at the start and end of the match, but struggled mid-match and lost by 11 shots, while John Cracknell’s four were well placed at 7-all, before falling away for an 11 shot loss also.