2nd February

Div 2 Section 6

Edithvale 112 (B Morton 36-16, A Cousens 21-15, G Bourne 27-16, P Woodbridge 28-12) def Waverley Golf 59

The first side hosted Churchill Waverley Golf, and recorded a resounding 53 shot win. Billy Morton’s four shot out to a 31-4 lead after picking up a 6 and three 4s, lost the next five ends, but finished with a 5 to seal a 20 shot victory. This enabled the team of Bill (S), John Clark, Bob Darby and Bob Hasler to win the Drinks for the Day. They were well supported by Peter Woodbridge’s crew, who scored a 6, a 4 and three 3s in their 16 shot win. Greg Bourne’s team were enduring a tight struggle at 11-14 after fourteen ends, but blew the match apart when they scored a 6 and two 3s in the run home for an 11 shot win. Alan Cousens’ four had the close match, and brought home a solid 6 shot win. This leaves the first side in third place on the ladder.

Div 2 Section 8

Edithvale 57 (G Rees 16-23, P Brain 14-20, B Baird 13-32, M Bourne 14-27) lost to South Oakleigh 102

The second side had their work cut out for them, and soldiered on valiantly in their 45 shot loss at South Oakleigh. Peter Brain’s four started slowly to trail 3-11, but won six ends in the run home to lose by 6 shots. Gordon Rees’ crew were well-placed mid-match at 10-11, but struggled in the latter stages and lost by 7 shots. Margaret Bourne’s team started well to lead 7-2, fell away in the middle ends, but scored a 4 near the end to lose by 13 shots, while Bob Baird’s four found the going tough in their 19 shot loss.

Div 4 Section 8

Edithvale 60 (P Bryant 15-17, A Benson 18-23, R Williams 10-27, J Barrett 17-14) lost to Mordialloc 81

The third side hosted Mordialloc, and despite being well placed at the break, lost by 21 shots. Jeanette Barrett’s team picked up a 4 and two 3s in their 3 shot win. Pam Bryant’s four lost by 2 shots (and the scorecard was mislaid). Andrew Benson’s team led 12-7 mid-match, lost six ends in a row to surrender their lead, but won the last three for a 5 shot loss, while Roger Williams’ crew were in trouble early at 2-18, but won seven ends after that to contain the opposition for a 17 shot loss. 

Div 5 Section 6

Edithvale 86 (I Thomas 30-17, R Leitch 21-15, C Baskett 19-22, A Pauligk 16-17) def Narre Warren 71

The fourth side enjoyed a come-from-behind win at Narre Warren, turning an aggregate board deficit into an amazing 15 shot win. Ian Thomas’ crew were trailling 8-15 mid-match, but staged a remarkable 22-2 recovery, scoring a 5, a 4 and three 3s in the run home to win by 13 shots. Robbie Leitch’s four gave them good support, having a close battle all day before enjoying a 9-0 run over the last three ends for a 6 shot win. Ann Pauligk’s four were battling at 7-15 before winning five of the last six ends for a 1 shot loss, while Claire Baskett’s team shot out to a 14-4 lead before being overrun for a 3 shot loss.