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Pamela Bryant - Coaching Clinic for Armed Bowlers, Clayton 14 Feb 2014

Three Edithvale Coaches presented a Bowling Arm Seminar today at Clayton. Pamela Bryant, Pat Sherriff and John Bryant, were invited by Graeme Archer - Bowls Development Officer at Clayton to run this seminar. The session started at 11 am and finished about 12.30 pm. There were 10 Clayton Players, 1 from Noble Park and 1 from Karingal. We started out on the “Aiming Line”, moved on to a “Point of Focus” and "Constant Angle". "Stance" followed. We then moved on to aspects of momentum (weight/height) on to the "Swing", followed by the “Step” and “Follow Through”. Lot's for every bowler to learn! Perhaps too much, but I hope they keep the paper, revisit it from time to time and learn from it. To read the paper presented on the day click here  or on the link above.