Tuesday Night Bowls



Tuesday Night Selection

Tuesday12th 2017 VS Chelsea

Game to be played at Chelsea

SKIP                                 THIRD                             SECOND                      LEAD                        
Michael Cameron Diane Cameron John Walker Rod Cameron
Andrew Benson  Glenys Gionis Shellie Kavanagh Blake Herron
Greg Bourne Ann Pauligk Rachel Atkinson Frank Baguley

 Emergency : Doug Rafter and Barb Sharp

N/A Sally King

Remember please arrive by 6.45 for a roll up. Play starts at 7.15 p.m.

Please let Greg or Diane know if you cannot play, so we can contact one of our emergencies.

GREG BOURNE                                           DIANE CAMERON

0427 731 484                                               0414 991 915 

See you all at Chelsea