Day 4 Winter Bowls Tournament

The final day of this 4 week tournament got underway at 10.30 with a slight chill in the air and grey skies above. Although there was one player who turned up in a tee shirt while some of the players looked like they were ready for the snow.

The first game finished around 12.30 and we went inside for some warm soup or a toasted sandwich to shake away the chill. This week’s raffle was a little different with 6 mystery prizes.  There was a sweet treat one, a savoury one, a snack one, a fruit/vegie one, a box of chocolates and an afternoon tea one.  Score cards were handed out for the final game and out we all trotted for the game.

Once again we played under dark skies and the air got a little bit chillier (the tee shirt wearing player even put a jumper on). Last ends were finished and score cards were handed into Jeanette and Diane for the final tally.

Winners for the day were Peter Pawsey and Brian Grace. I’m pretty sure Peter won one of the raffle prizes. Then the overall winners received their prizemoney.  6thPlace to 20thplace all received $10.

Top 5 places were :-

1st Brian Grace, 2nd Pam Bryant, 3rd Gordon Rees, 4th Glenys Gionis, 5th Ann Pauligk

A huge thanks to all players and substitutes during the 4 week tournament for support and encouragement for this tournament. Also for the positive feedback.

The next tournament starts on Saturday 15thJune and at present we only have 14 names and need another 6 to get this next tournament underway.  If you can’t get down to the club to put your name down please email or text me if you are wanting to play.

Diane Cameron

Tournament  Director



Thank you Diane and Jeanette for a well organised, fun event. We look forward to tournament 2