Saturday Tournament Week 2

Winter Bowls Tournament – Week 2

Today’s game was played under varied weather conditions which bought out the best in those bowling today.  Early in the week the weather looked promising with only a 20% chance of rain and bursts of sunshine.  As the week progressed I noticed that the weather presenters on numerous channels had changed their prediction to 80% chance of rain and cloudy skies.  With early morning showers, I could see out my kitchen window, blue skies and clouds and I thought today we will be playing bowls. Yeah!

There was a slight delay to the start of day with a small sun shower and one of our bowlers was going to be 5 minutes late – Any guess who that might be?  Out we went for our first game and as the morning progressed the weather fined up with players removing winter attirement.  Inside for some much needed refreshment and a quick rest we ventured out for our second game.  The next game saw grey dark skies rolling over the club and we were hoping that we could finish our 2ndgame before the heavens opened up.  Congrats to those that all finished their games in the rain to gain those vital points.

After both games were played, we all gathered inside for the daily results to be tallied and the prize money to be awarded. Todays winners were Heather Redpath and Ray Weston and the raffle winners were Pam Bryant (again) and Sally King. Thanks to Michael Cameron for donating todays prize a beatiful Clivea plant.  Special award (The Kit Kat Award) to Bernie Turnbull after starting his day fixing a leak at home and for his determination in getting to the club to play his game.

Many thanks to all for helping to pack up and to Jeanette for the morning tea spread and helping to collate the results. Jeanette is off to Noosa for 8 weeks, so Sally will be helping out for the next two weeks.

The list is up at the club for the next round which starts 20thJuly and finishes 10thAugust.

Diane Cameron

Tournament  Director