Saturday Tournament. Week 4

Winter Bowls Tournament – Week 4

It was a great finish to our 2nd round of the Winter Tournament with a couple of new faces filling in for a couple of players who have headed up North.  The morning started with a yummy morning tea with some home made carrot cup cakes with a cuppa and all having a friendly chat before the final days play. Cards were handed out and the players all ventured out into the brilliant winter sunshine.

It was a day where there were some playing some great drives and draw shots.  I did spot a wrong bias, but in this competition there is NO FINE!!  Thanks to Bob Darby, Marg Gumbleton, Andrew Tyrell and Marika Forras for filling in today.

Lunch break came and the Mystery raffle prizes were drawn.  Many thanks to all the donations.  Prize No.1 went to Pauline Bourn (The Afternoon Coffee Delight),  Prize No.2 to Sally King (The Cadbury Show Bag), Prize No. 3 to Diane Cameron (Bag of Oranges), Prize No. 4 to Glenys Gionis (The Afternoon Tea Delight) and lastly Prize No. 5 to Ray Weston (The Loreal Prize). Hope you all enjoy your prizes – There was some shuffling of goodie bags, which is good.

Out we all went for our 2ndgame with the top 4 places were pretty tight.  With the final game played the results were collated and checked and the prize money was ready to be given out.

Firstly todays winners were Robbie Leitch and Andrew Tyrell and the top four places of the Tournament went to:

1stPlace –Robbie Leitch,

2ndPlace –Jan Collins,

3rdPlace –Heather Redpath,

4thPlace –Glenys Gionis

The list is up at the club for the next round which starts 20thJuly and finishes 10thAugust.  Please contact me if you want to put your name down on the list.

Diane Cameron

Tournament  Director


Editors Note: A huge thank you to Diane Cameron, Jeanette Barrett and Sally King for their organisation. We have had 8 fantastic weeks of bowling and look forward to the next 4.