Thank you Diane and Jeanette for some great bowling

Winter Bowls Tournament – Week 2

Oh Happy Days! What a gloriously to be playing bowls outside, with blue skies, brilliant sunshine and not a breath of wind (why bother with the flags). Once again we gather at 10.15 for a cuppa, buttered bun and a chat about the election.

Game 3 got underway promptly at 10.30 and there was much frivolity in the air. We had some spectators watching on and they saw some excellent bowls put down. Although I think there were some wrong bias bowls put down during both games.

After lunch break the breeze had picked up slightly but the weather was still warm. By the 2nd game most were playing in short sleeves. The 4th game of the tournament finished around 3pm and with score sheets handed in, scores were tallied up.

Winners of the day with 47 shots were Brian Grace and Suzanne Webber (sub for Pam). Raffle winner was Suzanne (Richies voucher) and Jeni (chocolates). That’s 2 weeks running that the main raffle prize winner also won highest shots for the day.

Thanks to Suzanne and Lynne Fleming for filling in for today. See you all next week and let’s hope we have another fine day.