13th November

Welcome back Tuesday Night Pennant players, supporters and readers of this column.  Our first game for the season was played at Keysborough against Dandy Club and I am happy to report the club came away with a narrow victory.

The night started with a strong warm breeze and dark clouds looming in the distance.  Our club president, Greg Bourne, gathered the team together on the rink and welcomed us all to the start of the season and then passed the baton to the Captain of the side, Diane, for some team building words.  Whatever was said helped bring the team together for a win (next time I will make sure everyone is present before I start the talk – okay Blake).

Ann’s rink with Bobby, Doug and Sally had a close game for most of the night, but drew away in the last few ends to record a great win of 7 shots up.  Greg’s rink with Kaye, Blake and Craig held control of the game for the majority of the ends and finished strongly with a 12 shot win.  Andrew’s rink with Diane, Shellie and Rod battled away all night and played against quality players and went down by 17 shots.

With Andrew and Greg’s rink finished and the overall score tied, we waited for Ann’s rink to finish and hopefully come away with a win.  With brilliant bowling by the Edithvale players and a great upshot by the skip, they won the last end by 2 shots and a win to Edithvale.

Welcome Bobby to our team, thanks to Andrew for filling in and thanks to Carol for coming along to watch.

FINAL SCORES – Greg 22-10, Ann 18-11, Andrew 11-28

EDITHVALE – 51                         DANDY CLUB – 49