11th December


For Tuesday 11th December 2018


Tonight was a night of many “FIRSTS”

First time our team played at Malvern

First time we played with bats flying over the rink as the sun went down

First time we played while a Barefoot Bowl function played at the other end of the rink

and lastly First time Edithvale night pennant team have had 4 wins in a row.

A great night to play, with musical tunes playing in the background surrounded by party lights around the club.

Greg, Kaye, Doug and Blake had a hard fought battle all night with great bowls put down all night by both teams.  This rink went down by a single shot.  Ann, Diane, Pauline and Rod found it hard to get the right length at the start, but managed to get their groove and drew some great shots.  It was a tight tussle between the two leads all night.  This rink went down by 9 shots.

Bobby, Shellie, sally and Craig all played some brilliant bowls and had a great win of 19 shots, which helped Edithvale to win overall by 9 shots.

Well done to all players for driving the distance and giving their best all night.

Next week we play at Moorabbin, which will be the last game before Christmas break.

FINAL SCORES – Greg 14-15, Ann 7-16, Bobby 24-5

EDITHVALE – 45                         MALVERN – 35