12th February

Tonight’s game was a chilly one, with players adding more layers of clothing as the sun went down.  We played Keysborough (2nd on the ladder) at Chelsea and it was a hard fought win.  Each rink was a close game during the 17 ends with some small and big numbers of shots up.

Greg, Ann, Jim and Peter had a tough time finding their length against a strong breeze and a determined opposition.  After the 8th end the tides turned and they had a couple of 4’s to take the lead and an 8 shot victory.

Bobby, Shellie, Sally and Craig’s rink had a similar situation to Greg’s rink, but they took the lead with a magnificent 5, when Bobby pushed the jack into the ditch, where we had 4 bowls out the back.  They won by 4 shots.

Alan’s (“AL”) rink with Diane, Glenys (G.G.) and Rod H started slow winning the first 2 ends with a single shot both times.  The opposition inched close to us, but we managed to stay ahead throughout the game.  Great draw shots from everyone and we coped with short and long ends.  This rink also had a 4 shot win.

There were many “HIGH 5’s”, “HAPPY DANCES”, and ‘SHOW-BOATING” moments (I did the demonstration and Ant gave me the terminology – ask me Saturday to show you how to do it) during the game.  Well done to all players and a big thanks to Alan Cousens and Jim Kavanagh for filling in at the last moment.

Final scores for the night – Greg 19-11            Alan 22-18        Bobby 18-14

EDITHVALE – 59                          KEYSBOROUGH – 43

We are on top of the ladder and next week we play Noble Park, who are currently 3rd on the ladder at Noble Park.