12th January 2021



Happy New Year and welcome back bowlers to Night Pennant. Both teams played away, thanks goodness, because with the night road works on Edithvale Rd, we might have had to leave our cars here overnight.  A little bit of organising with Car Pooling, but we all got to our destinations on time and ready to play bowls.  Throughout this report I refer many times to the “8th end”, which must be when our players put their game faces and took control of the game.

Our Division 4 side had a victory over Moorabbin with 2 rinks up.  Margaret, Marika, Elwyn and Jenni had a close tussle all night winning 9 ends which included five 2’s.  Great bowling by the team with a couple of saves by the skip.  Ray, Stephen, Sally, Janienne had a tight game up to the 8th end when they picked up a “Fantastic” 5, hit the lead and stayed in front until the final end, winning by 7 shots.  Ann, Helen, Pauline, Danny struggled early on and were down 9 shots on the 8th end.  Then a relieved member was lent a bowling arm by the opposition, as hers was at the club and they then clawed their way back winning 5 ends which included 4 multiples. They had a narrow loss of 4 shots.  There was a lot of magic shots in tonight’s game and not only a win for the team by 5 shots but a jump up the ladder to 5th spot.

ANN 11 – 15             MARGARET 14 – 12                       RAY 18 – 11

                                    EDITHVALE 43        MOORABBIN 38


Our Division 3 side played at Elwood and again 2 rinks had a win and one a loss.  Sadly, the loss was a hefty one giving the team a 15-shot loss, but we are still 2nd on the ladder.  The night started on a high with Glenys winning the Lucky Number draw.  We started promptly at 7pm with the game being played East /West meaning we played 4 of the first 8 ends into the sun, talk about ‘Blinded by the Light’, I think I was playing seeing spots.  Alan, Glenys, Ant and Rod started with a magic 4 on the first end, lost the next 2 ends, they then steamed ahead winning another 10 ends including six multiples, two 4’s, two 3’s and one 2. Al, GG and the Cameron boys played a commanding game and won by 7 shots.  Bobby, Jim, Shellie & Craig won 8 ends on the night with 2 multiples, including one 3 and a BRILLIANT 7.  The green was a tricky one to read, but after the 8th end, they came back from 6 shots down to win by 2 shots.  Peter, Diane, Kaye, Colin did not fair as well and played against a skip who on many ends took out our bowls that were holding shot.  The only time he missed was on the last end when his two drives flew passed our bowls which gave us a 3.  Sadly, we had a 24-shot loss.

ALAN 26-19             BOBBY 16 – 14                    PETER 8 – 32

EDITHVALE  50                   ELWOOD 65


The drive home there was a detour through Cheltenham off Nepean Hwy due to road works.  Nothing like a scenic drive home after bowls.

Both teams play at home next, why not call in to cheer us on.


Diane Cameron – Editor