16th March Semi Final

 SEMI FINAL – 16th March 2021

Finals week started Tuesday 16th March and our Division 3 side ventured all the way to Parkdale to try and cement our place in the Grand Final.  We all gave it our best effort, but alas tonight was not our night.

We had some of our members come along to spectate and we much appreciate your support on the night.  The team arrived around 6.30pm to have a roll up before the game and we all seemed pretty focused but relaxed as well, although you could feel a sense of excitement in the air (smelt a bit like Fish and Chips).

During the game as the sun had set, the green was inundated by a swarm of small black beetles, so it was like bowling on a green that had black measles.  You could almost hear a squishing noise as our bowls rolled down the green. Yuck!

Bobby, Jim, Shellie and Craig had a blinder of a game winning 10 ends which were all multiples, five 2’s, two 3’s, one 4, one 5 and a mighty SIX!  By the fifth end the scores were level and then after that they powered ahead, winning the 8th and 9th end with a 5 and a 6.  Great bowling by all players winning by 16 shots.

Alan, Glenys, Ann and Rod won six ends and stayed within reach up to the 14th end, but lost the last 3 ends to go down by 11 shots.  Was told by our club spectators that all played well and many ends had 3 or 4 shots in the head with the opposition skip drawing in to take shot. 

Peter, Ant, Diane and Colin struggled to win ends most of the game.  Winning only 3 ends and going down by 14 shots.  The ends lost were only by a one or two, but they do mount up over 17 ends.  The opposition skip and 3rd played well taking out many of our shots that were in the head on many ends.

BOBBY 31 – 15             ALAN 7 – 18                       PETER 5 – 19

EDITHVALE  43                  PARKDALE 52

Many thanks to Sally (our emergency), Helen, Pauline, Andrew and Carol for coming along to watch and cheer us on.  Well done to all players tonight you gave your best and I was very proud of the way you all played and cheered your team mates on.

This is the last report for the season and hopefully see you all back on the green for night pennant next season.  FAREWELL to Bobby who will be leaving on 9th April to travel around Australia, safe travels.

Many thanks to Marika, my co-selector and team manager of our Division 4 side who looked after her side with much enthusiasm.

TAKE CARE EVERYONE – Here’s to success in the 2021/2022 season


Diane Cameron – Editor