18th December

For Tuesday 18th December 2018


Twelve Edithvale players ventured to Moorabbin with a glimmer of hope for another victory.  Unfortunately it wasn’t to be.  We gave it our best and we played a team who were on target most of the night.

Our fearless leader, Greg, who had earlier that day played at Pakenham, arrived with a harem of ladies from the team to a packed club car park.  Not only was there a double header played at the club, but also an AGM for the club of Card players who use the facilities.  The rest made their way straight from work and home.  One player was still in his work clothes with concrete dust all over him.

Let’s get on with the results, but before I do I must apologise for the lack of rink results.  The photos I took with my phone were too blurry and I only have an overall result from the website.

Greg, Kaye, Glenys and Blake controlled the game from the start to finish and won on their rink by 4 shots.  Bobby, Shellie, Sally and Craig charged ahead at the start, but the opposition came charging back to take the lead, but a good finish by the team saw them go down by a single shot.  Michael (welcome back), Diane, Pauline and Rod took 7 ends to finally win an end.  This rink went down by 14 shots.  Overall we went down by 11 shots.

Thanks to those who got into the Xmas spirit and wore Xmas decorations and well done to a great start to the season.  We return back on Tuesday 29th Jan.  Have a good break and see you all in 2019.

EDITHVALE – 35                         MOORABBIN – 46