19th January 2021



What a treat tonight with both teams having a win.  Almost had a clean sweep with 5 rinks having a win and the 6th rink had a draw.  Spectator numbers grew to three, thanks to Suzanne, Marika and myself cheering on the teams.  Tonight, we hosted St Kilda and Cheltenham.

Our Division 4 side had a victory over St Kilda with 2 rinks up.  Margaret, Andrew T, Elwyn and Ian won 12 ends with 4 multiples, one 4 & three 2’s.  They got a four on the first end, dropped a five on the second end, then gradually increased their lead over the next 15 ends and won by 9 shots.  Ray, Andrew B, Barb, Janienne won 8 ends including a Fantastic 5 on the 3rd end which put them in front.   Their opposition caught up by having a 2 shot lead on the second last end, but a great last end with a three gave this rink a one-shot win. PHEW!!  Ann, Helen, Pauline, Danny won 9 ends with three multiples.  They managed to stay in front up till the 15th end but lost the last two ends and finished the game with a draw.  A great effort by all who played in this Division 4 side tonight.  With this 10 shot win they have jumped up another spot on the ladder and are now 4th on the ladder.

ANN 14 – 14                         MARGARET 18 – 9                         RAY 16 – 15

                                                EDITHVALE 48        ST KILDA 38


Our Division 3 side played Cheltenham with two rinks going down to last end for the win.  Alan, Glenys, Sally and Rod won 10 ends on the night with 5 multiples.  From the 3rd end onwards, the lead extended after each end.  But from the 14th end to the 16th end they dropped a five, two and one. Have no fear the team bowled with gusto and got a SEXY ‘6’ on the last end to win by 9 shots on the night.  Bobby, Jim, Shellie & Craig won 9 ends on the night with 4 multiples, including one 3 and three 2’s.  An incredibly low scoring game with scores even on the 6th end.  They must have fallen asleep for 5 ends without a score, but they got their mojo back and went from a 7-shot deficit to a 1 shot win.  Peter, Ant, Kaye, Colin did a whole lot better this week winning 8 ends including 5 multiples, one 4, one 3 and three 2’s.  Scores were even on the 9th, 14th and 16th ends but a great bowl by the skip on the last end, drew the winning shot and a one-shot win.

ALAN 24-15             BOBBY 14 – 13                    PETER 16 – 15

EDITHVALE  54                   CHELTENHAM 43


Next week there is no game scheduled as it is Australia Day, so there will be a social game that night for all members to put their name down to play.  There will be prizes and raffles after the game along with a light supper.  So put your name down for some fun and off course bowling.


Diane Cameron – Editor