1st Dec 2020


Both teams played away, Division 3 against Hampton RSL and Division 4 at Beaumaris.  The Club had a win and a loss.  The forecast was for clear skies, (Good), and a strong breeze.  The word strong does not describe the conditions that we played in last night.  We had winds that would blow your ‘socks off’.  Hats were flying, rubbish bins flipping over, and bowls were not going where we wanted them to go.  The wide side was clearly into the middle of the next rink.  Very trying at times.

Our Division 3 side played Hampton RSL at Brighton Beach.  The start of the game bowls were all over the place and we all thought it was funny, then as the game progressed we got frustrated and then by the 12th end we finally got the hang of it.  HOO – bloody -RAY!!  Alan, Ann, Pauline & Rod had another thriller of a game winning 8 ends with 3 multiples.  They fell away on the 9th end but managed to win the last 3 ends and only a 2-shot loss.  Bobby, Jim, Shellie & Craig (with the Cool Shades) had a cracker of a games with the skip claiming many ends with brilliant bowling.  This rink won 11 ends with 8 multiples including three 3’s, two 4’s, a magic 5 and an 18-shot win.  Peter, Diane, Kaye, Colin took 2 ends to get on the score board, then luck and great bowling by the team saw them win 11 ends with 7 multiples including three 3’s and one 4.  The skip saved a couple of ends when we were 3-4 shots down, with direct shots into the head.  The 3rd played a couple of brilliant upshots after placing her bowl at the back and then pushing the jack back to her bowl with the second shot.  It was worthy of a groovy dance move when changing ends.  This rink won by 17 shots.

ALAN 12 – 14                       BOBBY 25 – 7                       PETER 23 – 6

EDITHVALE  60                   HAMPTON RSL 27

Our Division 4 side played Beaumaris and sadly came away with a 31-shot loss.  Also played in very trying conditions with some of the new bowlers not experienced in these wild conditions.  Margaret, Marika, Sally, and Ian were on fire winning 10 ends with 5 multiples, two 2’s, two 3’s and a 4.  The opposition came back with a couple of big score ends to draw the match.  Ray, Helen, Neville and Janienne tried to stay in the game, winning 7 ends which included four 2’s, but their opponents had some big scoring ends, and we went down by 16 ends.  Andrew B, Andrew T, Elwyn, Danny, had a tough game winning only 5 ends, but all played their best.

ANDREW 5 – 20                  MARGARET 19 – 19                       RAY 11 – 27

                                    EDITHVALE 35        BEAUMARIS 66

Well done to all.  Next week both teams are playing away, lets hope the weather is a bit more enjoyable.

Diane Cameron – Editor