21st January 2020


Tonight, was our first game back after the Xmas break, which was also a first on grass since before the festive season.  Our division 5 side had a Bye and our division 2 side were to play at home but was changed to Mt Waverley and we also had some last-minute changes to the team.  We all gathered at Mt Waverley ready to play for a win and a chance to move up the ladder.

Greg, John, Diane and Jim took 4 ends to put a score on the card and then won the next 6 ends with 2 multiples giving us a lead of 5 shots.  Mt Waverley then won the next 4 ends which included two 3’s. The 14th end saw the jack moved 3-4 times with the last one moving back to our back bowls giving us a handy 4 and a 1 shot lead.  Mt Waverley then won the 15th end with a 2, but our gallant team won the last 2 ends and a 3 shot win.

Alan, Glenys, Peter S and Rod C had 3 lead changes, 2 score level ends, 1 No Score end and a 3 shot loss.  This rink had 5 multiples with two 3’s and three 2’s.  Sadly, we dropped a 4 & 6.  Great shots were put in by both Edithvale and Mt Waverley.

Bobby, Shellie, Pauline and Craig won 8 ends with 3 multiples (two 3’s and one 2).  By the 7th end we were down by 6 then won two ends with two 3’s and the scores were now even.  Then between the 10th and 13th end the opposition would get a one, we would get a one.  On the 14th end we had a lead of one.15th end they got a 2 and the 16th end we got a 2.  By the last end the other two rinks had finished and Edithvale were up by one shot overall, a win on this rink would give us an overall win.  NO PRESSURE!  After the leads and 2nd’s had their shots we were 3 shots down.  Shellie stepped onto the mat and bowled a fantastic bowl to take the shot and her bowl remained there after the final bowls were bowled which gave this rink a two-shot lead and a WIN to Edithvale by 2 shots.

GREG 17-14                         ALAN 15-18                         BOBBY 13-11

EDITHVALE  45                   MT WAVERLEY 43

Thanks to Pauline and Peter S for filling in and to the team on a great effort and a great win. Next week both teams are playing at home.


Diane Cameron