23rd February 2021



With no game last week due to COVID lockdown, the team pretty much stayed the same with a couple of changes due to illness and travel.  Some were a little rusty and others just played their “little cotton socks off”.  Both teams played at home and both had a win.  Double YEAH!

Our Division 3 side played Noble Park with a win on 2 rinks and a loss of 3 shots on the other rink.  Last time we played this side we had a win, so our intentions were to have another win against a determined side wanting to claim our 3rd spot on the ladder.  Alan, Glenys, Ant and Rod won 12 ends on the night with 6 multiples (three 2’s, two 3’s and one 4).  Scores were level four times during the game but on the 10th end just after the lights came on, this team just pulled out all their trick shots and powered ahead winning every end for the rest of the game finishing with a magnificent 4 on the 17th end. This rink won by 16 shots    Bobby, Jim, Shellie, Craig won 11 ends on the night with 3 multiples, including one 4 and two 2’s.  It took the opposition six ends to get a score on the board, and by the 13th end we were 10shots ahead.  On the 13th end we dropped a six then a two putting us 2 shots ahead. They managed to hold onto the lead until the end winning by a single shot.  Peter, Diane, Ann, Colin won 7 ends with only 2 multiples including a magnificent 6 on the 2nd end, thank goodness because we seemed to fall asleep for 8 ends with the opposition winning from the 8th end to the 15th end.  We managed to win the last 2 ends to just go down by 3 shots.  This team is still 3rd on the ladder with 2nd placed Parkdale now only one point in front and we get to play them next week at their home ground. Overall, we won by 14 shots

ALAN 22 – 6              BOBBY 16 – 15                    PETER 13 – 16

EDITHVALE  51                   NOBLE PARK 37

Our Division 4 side had a victory over Keysborough who are 3rd on the ladder.  Last time we met they beat us by 2 shots and this time we beat them by 1 shot.  YAHOO!!  Margaret, Marika, Elwyn and Sally won 11 ends with 4 multiples.  The rink lead from start to finish with the opposition not scoring until the 5th end.  Most of the ends were played long and the ladies drew into the head many times.  This rink won by 7 shots.  Andrew B, Andrew T, Barb, Jenni won 6 ends with 4 multiples including one 3 and three 2’s.   They were level at the 3rd end and then the opposition took control for the rest of the game.  This rink went down by 12 shots.  Ray, Stephen, Pauline, Danny won 11 ends with four multiples, including one 4 and three 2’s.  This rink had an even game up to the 7th end when we hit the front and stayed there until the finish.  This rink won by 6 shots.  Last to finish the opposition skip declared the head thinking the side was in front overall but he did not check with his 2nd who had the card, so although they won the last end by two, the team lost overall by one shot.

RAY    17-11                         MARGARET 15-8                           ANDREW  11-23

                                                EDITHVALE 43                    KEYSBOROUGH  42

Next week both teams are playing away.  Here is hoping to continue winning and cement our place in the finals with only 2 games left in the season.


Diane Cameron – Editor