2nd March 2021



Both teams played away tonight and sadly both teams had a loss.  It was the second last game of the season and luckily both teams are still in the four.  Division 4 side must win the last game to stay in the four with St Kilda one point behind in 5th spot.

Division 3 side played at Parkdale and had only one rink with a draw.  Pretty similar results to last time with each rink score closer than last time.  Alan, Glenys, Ann and Rod won 10 ends on the night with 4 multiples (three 2’s and one 3).  The score was even up to the 7th end then fell away to 7 shots down by the 9th end.  We must have woken up because we won 4 ends in a row which gave them a glimmer of hope for a win.  A magic 3 on the 15th end saw the scores level and that is how it stayed at the end of the game.  This rink played the same players last time and went down by 16 shots, so a big improvement.  Bobby, Jim, Shellie, and Craig won 6 ends including a four and a three.  The game was even up to the 12th end when the scores were level on eight all and then eleven all on the 15th end.  The opposition won the last two ends with a four and a three, to give them a win by 7 shots.  Peter, Ant, Diane and Colin won eight ends and have 5 multiples (three 2’s, one 3 and one 4).  By the 10th end they were 12 shots down, so our gallant skip gave us a pep talk to get us back in the game.  We then won the next three ends to see us 3 shots down.  A strong finish saw this rink go down by 2 shots.  Overall, the team went down by 9 shots.  A big improvement by all against a strong team.

ALAN 15 – 15                       BOBBY 11 – 18                    PETER 16 – 18

EDITHVALE  42                   NOBLE PARK 51

Our Division 4 side played at Dandy Club and although we tried our best, we came home with a 22 shot loss.  Margaret, Marika, Elwyn and Janienne won 8 ends on the night with a four and three 2’s.  A great effort on this rink with the score even throughout the game.  This rink went down by 2 shots.  Ray, Stephen, Pauline and Danny also won 8 ends including three 2’s.  They won the first four ends and stayed in front up to the 13th end.  The opposition won three of the last four ends and sadly a loss by Edithvale of 4 shots.  Greg, Andrew T, Barb, and Jenni had a tough game on this rink with the skip not feeling 100%.  They played their best with the opposition taking out our bowls that were holding shot many times.  This rink won six ends on the night and a loss of 18 shots.  Great effort by all, but must have a win next week to keep their finals chances alive.

RAY    11-15                         MARGARET 14-16                         GREG  7-23

                                                EDITHVALE 32                    DANDY CLUB  54

Next week both teams are playing at home, so come along and cheer us on and enjoy a drink while watching some great bowling.


Diane Cameron – Editor