3rd March 2020


Once again both teams played at home with both teams playing Mordialloc.  We had clear skies, but the night air was chilly.

Division 2 – Alan, Glenys, Helen and Rod C had a tough game, only managing to win 4 ends. Luck just wasn’t on their side tonight with the opposition taking the shot away from them many times. Bobby, Shellie, Sally and Craig had a slow start and were down by 15 shots on the 11th end.  They then got a magic ‘4’ on the 12th and 14th end and then a two and a one to go down by 8 shots after the 17th end.  Greg, John, Ann and Jim started the first end with a sexy ‘6’ and this helped pave the way for a 15-shot win on this rink.  They won 11 ends on the night including two 3’s, three 2’s and five singles.

GREG 23-8               ALAN 6-32               BOBBY 15-23

EDITHVALE  44                   MORDIALLOC 63

Division 5 – Andrew, Margaret, Elwyn and Rod H won 12 ends and stayed ahead of the opposition all night.  They got two 3’s and three 2’s and won by 12 shots.     Peter W, Marika, Barb C and Colin blasted out of the gate and went on a winning frenzy with the opposition not winning an end until the 10th end, which was one of the five ends that they won on the night.  The opposition struggled with the grass and the long ends.  This rink had two magic ‘4’s, one 3 and two 2’s and a 16 shot win.  Diane, Barb S, Peter S and Janienne had another close game (seems to be a trend on this rink) winning only 8 ends but they included a magic ‘4’ and four 2’s.  Winning the last three ends gave this rink a draw. PHEW!!

ANDREW 19-7                    DIANE 15-15                       PETER 23-7

                                    EDITHVALE 57        MORDIALLOC 29

Well done to all players.  Next week, our Div 5 team have a bye and our Div 2 team are playing at home which is their final home game for the season.  Thanks again to Peter Sale for filling in and for Suzanne and Carol for coming along to watch.


Diane Cameron – Editor