4th December

Another home game at Chelsea saw another win against the top of the ladder St Kilda (3).  With many of the opposition players battling to get to Chelsea against peak hour traffic, our one end roll up started at 7.10 and the game started promptly at 7.15pm (some bowlers need a nudge some times to get the game started).

As there were no Chelsea teams playing at home, we were spaced out evenly on the green.  Rink 6 with Bobby, Glenys, Sally and Craig flew out of the starter’s block with an explosive four ends before the opposition finally put a score on the board.  This rink had a 15 shot win, and congrats to Craig for touching the ‘Jack’  four times, but who’s counting, Sally was, that’s who.

Rink 4 with Ann, Diane, Shellie and Rod had a tight tussle at the start, but managed to win 6 ends in a row to get a good lead.  When the opposition won an end it was only 1 shot and no more.  This rink won by 5 shots.

Rink 2 with Greg, Kaye, Doug and Blake played a close game all night, with just falling away in the last couple of ends to go down by 5 shots.

Congrats to all players for playing a great game of bowls and a great 15 shot win to Edithvale.  It was great to have Trish, Bridget & Alycia there supporting us for some of the game; until it got too cold, thanks for being there.

FINAL SCORES – Greg 12-17, Ann 14-9, Bobby 26-11

EDITHVALE – 52                         ST KILDA – 37