4th February


The second half of the season started this week and it was great start with both sides having a win.  The Division 2 side played at Glen Eira/McKinnon and our Division 5 side played at Moorabbin.  Both reports will be done on observation of cards only as I was unable to play.

Division 2 turned the tides with a win away at Glen Eira/McKinnon by 18 shots.  Last time we played them we went down by 15 shots and all 3 rinks went down. Bobby, Shellie, Pauline and Craig had 8 multiples consisting of four 3’s and four 2’s and won11 ends.  The lead changed serval times up to the 10th end when they went on to win 6 of the last 7 ends to win by 10 shots.  Alan, Suzanne, Kaye and Rod C had 5 multiples with one 4, one 3 and three 2’s.  On the 6th end they took the lead and then surged ahead winning 6 out of the last 11 ends and a 6-shot win.  Greg, John, Peter S and Sally had a tight game all night with several lead changes and with the scores level on the second last end we scored a 2 and a win on this rink by 2 shots.

GREG 17-15                         ALAN 16-10                         BOBBY 23-13

EDITHVALE  56                   GLEN EIRA/MCKINNON 38

The division 5 side played at Moorabbin and had a 4-shot win.  Andrew, Barb, Elwyn and Rod H had another draw (that’s 2 weeks in a row). Ann, Helen, Andrew T and Janienne had a very close game and went down by one shot.  Peter W, Marika, Rachel and Colin also had a close game but a magic 4 on the last end gave them a 4-shot win.

ANDREW 14-14                 ANN 12-13              PETER 21-17

Thanks to Suzanne for filling in and many thanks to all that report the results to me so I could do the report.  A great win by both teams let’s keep it up. Next week both teams are playing at home.


Diane Cameron