5th March

Tonight’s game was against Malvern and played at Chelsea. The team gathered around their rinks, all ready to go and hopefully have a win. Cool breezes at the start saw Jackets/vests come out earlier than normal and lights were turned on early, as the sun seems to disappear quicker these days.

Greg, Kaye, Pauline and Rod H had a tight tussle all night, with the lead changing every second end. On the 14th end our players got a 4 (thanks to Gregory) and hit the lead by 3. Unfortunately the opposition won the last 3 ends with two 2’s and a 1. This rink went down by 2 shots.

Bobby, Shellie, Sally and Craig bolted ahead winning the first 6 ends and a lead of 9 shots. With Malvern only winning 5 ends for the night our team won by 12 shots.

Michael, Diane, Glenys and Ann had a similar game winning 11 of the 17 ends. Length and weight was adjusted early in the game and with plenty of great draw shots during the game, this rink had a win of 11 shots.

NB: Before a game starts, the LEAD must roll the jack first before bowling their bowl!!

There was great team spirit during the game with players encouraging and applauding team mates. Although I’m not sure if ‘Gregory and Rodney’ were expecting to hear “that voice”.

Well done to Michael’s quick reflexes on a couple of occasions when a player from the next rink, playing against Chelsea did huge drives, with bowls and jack zooming over to his rink, he flew into action and scooped up the wayward bowls to save the head.

Thanks to Suzanne and Trish for coming along to watch and support the team. Next week we play Moorabbin at Chelsea. Why not come along to watch!

Final scores for the night – Greg 13-15            Michael 18-7                 Bobby 19-7

EDITHVALE –   50          MALVERN – 29

Next week we play at Chelsea against Moorabbin.