9th February 2021



The lead up to Tuesday Night’s game was a lot of texting, calling, and shuffling players to make this night work.  We had players rising to the challenge by playing in a different team or a different position and we also welcomed back a player to the team and had a new recruit to the Night Pennant team.  Both sides played away with our Division 3 team playing at Murrumbeena Park and our Division 4 side playing at Bentleigh.  Both teams came home with a win and our Division 4 side have moved up to 4th on the ladder and our Division 3 side are still 3rd.

Our Division 3 side played Murrumbeena Park with low scores on all three rinks.  The atmosphere was a mix of disco music, loud birds chirping in the trees and some supporters in the ‘peanut gallery’ cheering the opposition on.  Alan, Glenys, Ann and Rod won 7 ends on the night with 5 multiples (two 3’s and three 2’s).  Scores were level on the 10th end and again on the 12th end, but a 4 on the 13th end by the opposition put the pressure on to regain the lead.  A gallant effort by this team to go down by just 3 shots.  Bobby, Jim, Craig (I just got promoted) & Janienne (who drove from Traralgon to play) won 9 ends on the night with 4 multiples, including two 4’s and two 2’s.  It took four ends to get a score on the board, but after that they chipped away the deficit to take the lead and finished off the night with another four to seal their victory by 8 shots.   Peter, Diane, Kaye, Colin won 8 ends with 4 multiples (two 3’s and two 2’s).  The opposition only managed to win 8 ends with only a single shot each time, with ‘Peter the Hero’ drawing in to reduce the score to one shot down.  I must admit I’m not sure about some of The Skip’s hand signals, with a mix of ushering and teaching moves (may need to check the handbook). This rink had a 4-shot victory.  An overall win by 9 shots which was the same as last time we met Murrumbeena Park in Round 1.

ALAN 14-17             BOBBY 17 – 9                       PETER 14 – 10

EDITHVALE  45                   MURRUMBEENA PARK 36

Our Division 4 side had a victory over Bentleigh with 1 rink up and the other 2 rinks had a draw.  Margaret, Sally, Vic and Ian won 10 ends with 2 multiples.  They were down by 6 shots on the 13th end, but they went on a winning streak by winning the last 4 ends with an amazing ‘3’ on the last end to draw the game.  Andrew B, Andrew T, Barb, Jenni won 8 ends with 7 multiples including three 3’s and four 2’s.   They were ahead up to the 14th end with a lead of 2 shots.  The opposition then won the next 2 ends with a three and one which had them in front by 2 shots on the second last end.  A great result on the last end with a ‘2’ saw another draw on this rink.  PHEW!!  Greg, Stephen, Elwyn, Danny won 10 ends with five multiples, including two 3’s and three 2’s.  This rink lead from start to finish with the opposition winning 7 ends which were all singles.  A great effort by this rink with a 10-shot win.  A great effort by all, who played in this Division 4 side tonight.

GREG 17-7                           MARGARET 13-13                         ANDREW  18-18

                                                EDITHVALE 48                    BENTLEIGH  38

Well said by one our skips tonight “HAVE FUN, BUT MAKE THEM WORK FOR IT.”

Many thanks to all players and special thanks to Vic Marczenko for filling in, thanks to Janienne for driving from Traralgon to fill in (lucky you packed your bowls and uniform) and welcome back Greg.  Next week both teams are playing at home so what not call in to support our players.


Diane Cameron – Editor