9th March 2021



Both teams played at home tonight and both teams had a loss.  We had plenty of action on all rinks and each team wanting to win the last game of the season.  Plenty of spectators, 4 humans and a million bloody mozzies.  Thanks to Helen, Carol, Bridget, and Alycia for coming along to watch and thanks to the mozzies that had a good feast on me………bites everywhere.

Division 3 side played Elwood and like last week had only one rink with a draw.  Alan, Glenys, Ann and Rod won only 6 ends but there were some big scores including one 2, two 3’s, one 4 and a magnificent “7”, which helped get them into the lead.  They held onto the lead up to the 15th end by 2-shots.  Lost the last two ends to finish with a draw (two weeks in a row with this rink). Bobby, Jim, Shellie, and Craig won 7 ends including a four, a three and two 2’s. A great start winning first 2 ends and a 7-shot lead.  The opposition took control of the game and won the next 5 ends.  This rink came back to lead by one shot on the 11th end but struggled to hold onto the lead and went down by 5 shots.  Peter, Ant, Diane and Colin won 8 ends and had 3 multiples (two 3’s and one 5) but lost some ends with big numbers.  Played against a team of young players with a thirst for big drives and chasing their bowls down the green. AHH! To be young.  A loss on this rink by 8 shots and an overall loss of 13 shots.

This team finished 3rd on the ladder and play in the semi final next week against Parkdale at Parkdale.

ALAN 20 – 20                       BOBBY 14 – 19                    PETER 16 – 24

EDITHVALE  50                   ELWOOD 63


Our Division 4 side played Moorabbin and needed to win to remain in the four, but sadly went down by 10shots and finished up 6th on the ladder.  Margaret, Marika, Elwyn and Janienne won 5 ends on the night and although they all put in some great bowls, they had shots in the head taken out on many ends.  This rink went down by 16 shots.  Ray, Stephen, Pauline and Danny won 8 ends three 2’s, one 4 and a magnificent “7”.  Had a 14-shot lead on the 8th end, then went to sleep for 7 ends with the opposition being only one shot down.  Went on to win the last 2 ends and a win by 4 shots.  Andrew B, Andrew T, Barb, and Sally won 10 ends with six multiples, four 2’s, one 3 and one 4.  Pretty even game and by the 15th end down by 2-shots.  Won the last 2 ends finishing with a four and a win by 2 shots.

RAY    20-16                         MARGARET 7- 23                          ANDREW  16 – 14

                                                EDITHVALE 43                    MOORABBIN  53

Many thanks to all players this season, if was a very enjoyable 12 round season and best of luck to our Division 3 side who play against Parkdale next week.  A win next week puts us in the Grand Final.


Diane Cameron – Editor