Your Coaches are:

John Bryant (Chair), Claire Baskett, Pamela Bryant and Garry Byers.

Change in Coaching times

Please note as of 6th Nov: A Coach will be available for new or remedial coaching 2-3pm Thursdays only! (jb7nov)

Tips for getting back into bowls

See also “Warm up like a Jackaroo” a You Tube presentation by Barrie Lester for APIA.

Lifting your bowl

So, some of you haven’t lifted a bowl for 5-8 months! Do you know that a bowl can weigh up to 1.6 k? So, if you think, when covid finishes, that you can just pick up a bowl and play it 40-100 times straight up, well, let me tell you, you can’t, without doing a serious injury.  A shoulder, or one of the 20 muscles in the arm will suffer damage. Also think about you hip, knees and all the leg and ankle muscles. Oh it’s just too much, isn’t it? As a Coach, I’m asking you to consider these things in the here and now so there’s no ugly consequences for yourself and your Club… we need you!

Make it a practice to have a bowl handy and walk it from one room to another (or outside) a few times a day, it’s the picking it up from the floor/ground that is likely to cause the most concern initially. Don’t drop it on the floor tho’, that gets you in trouble.


Every bowler knows (through experience) that the sun can be eternally dangerous to our skin if sunscreens are not used when we spend prolonged periods exposed.

I urge you all to always slip, slop, slap if are expecting a long game or practice.

“Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, where at least two in three people will be diagnosed with skin cancer before the age of 70.”

You can support the Cancer Council by making their products, yours!


This is just so important! They used to say, that on a hot day’s play, a bowler could lose up to 6 litres of fluid, if you don’t replenish a reasonable amount of that, you’re a disaster waiting to happen. Remember when the thirst hits … it’s probably already too late to rehydrate to a safe level.

Make sure you hydrate the night before a big game and during the game, have on hand and maintain a stock of water, enough to maintain “body and brain health”. I like to have a “Hydralite” or “Sports drink” to supplement the water intake, but that’s a personal choice.

Being properly hydrated makes the difference towards games end. Instead of struggling over the last few ends, you can finish feeling like you could go on.  The difference between winning and losing. (pb13oct)

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