Edithvale Bowling Club

109 Edithvale Road

Website :


Phone :  03 9772.2020

Board of Management

Executive Director:  Brian Grace.

Board Secretary:  Diane Cameron.

Finance Officer:  Peter Woodbridge.

Directors: Peter Brain, Barbara Sharp, Jeanette Barrett, Ray Weston, Bob Davies

Bowling Committee Representatives:

Club (Board) Appointments

Bar Managers:  Suzanne Webber.  Asst Bar Manager: Andrew Tyrrell

Greens Liaison: Peter Brain

Web Page: Barbara Sharp.

Newsletter Editor: Pamela Bryant.

Welfare Officers: Men’s: Robert Leitch. Women’s: Jan Collins.

Press Correspondent: Peter Woodbridge.

Provedore: Jennifer Van Nierop.

Cleaning Coordinator: Brian Grace & Peter Woodbridge.

National Accredited Umpires. Coordinator: Suzanne Webber. Umpires: Pamela Bryant, Glenys Gionis, Margaret Gumbleton, John Paul, Ann Pauligk. Accredited Measurer: Gail Hamilton.

National Accredited Coaches. Coordinator: John Bryant. Coaches: Claire Baskett, Garry Byers.

Communications Co-ordinator: Diane Cameron

Sandbelt Regional Delegate: Margaret Gumbleton, Barbara Sharp.

Club Facilities Hire Co-ordinator: Peter Woodbridge (0409 136 993)

Sponsorship Committee. Coordinator: Barbara Cheshire. Committee: Heather Redpath, Margaret Rook, Ian Thomas.

Social Committee. Coordinator: .

Uniforms. Rae Gibbs & Rosemary Grace.

Maintenance, Garden and Safety.  Volunteers: Jim Brown, John Bryant, Brendan Doyle, Robert Leitch, John Paul, Ray Smith, Brian Grace

Fundraising Table: Mary Weston.

Key Monitor: Peter Brain.

Locker Monitor: Peter Brain (Bowls Shed), Judy Munn (Ladies)

Bowling Committee

Men’s President: Chair  Vacant

Women’s President: Dep. Chair  Vacant

Secretary: Vacant

Bowling Committee: Ray Weston

Match Committee. (All Social Games, Special Days, Twilight and Club Championships.) Coordinator: Bob Davies.

Committee: Rae Gibbs, Bob Hasler, Diane McFarlane, Judy Munn, Peter Pawsey, Robert Rook, Ruth Rovers, Barb Sharp, Walter Trupke, Ray Weston.

Winter Tournament: Diane Cameron, Glenys Gionis.

Baguley Tournament: Ray Weston & Sallyann King

Weekend Selection: Chair: John Bryant Committee:  Jim Brown, Glenys Gionis, Robbie Leitch, Marika Forras

Late Withdrawal. Please ring, John Bryant 97723330/0401434296

Midweek Selection: Chair: Deb Sherry Committee: Alan Cousens, Trish Eastwood, Rosemary Grace, Robbie Leitch.

Late Withdrawal. Please ring, Alan Cousens, 0419008867.

Tuesday Night Selection Committee: Diane Cameron, 0414991915, Sallyann King.

Membership, Green, Other Fees and Charges for 2021-22 season.

Subscriptions (Annual) including GST.

Full Members. $220

Early Bird. $200

Full Time Student Member (under 25) as at 1 Mar. $100

Junior Member (Under 18). $50

Social Member (up to 4 social games per year). $30

First year Bowler (Never previously registered at any Affiliated Bowling Club in Australia). $100

All fees (excepting Social Membership) include a gate key, registration with Bowls Victoria and the Sandbelt Region, and for new bowlers, a name badge and 1 set of bowls rings.

Green Fees

Social Bowls, Summer and Winter: All Formats. $8.00

Nominated Days: All formats. Sponsored or Social. $8.00

Jackpot Fridays. $8.50

All Pennant. Saturday, Midweek and Tue. Night. $8.00

Club C’ship Games. Entry fee, per event. $10.00 (Discount for multiple event entries.)

Baguley Carnival. Entry per player, per event. TBA

Winter Tournament (as arranged by Diane Cameron and Glenys Gionis) Entry per player, per event. $10.