March Bar Roster

Thank you Suzanne for the roster.

BAR   ROSTER                  Thank you  to  all  our  volunteers.


Tues   2 – 4pm         Frid   4  –  6pm       Sat  4  –  6pm


March  2021

Tuesday          2nd                    Suzanne Webber

Friday              5th                     Margaret  Rook  and  Robert Rook

Saturday         6th                     Alan Cousens


Tuesday          9th                          Diane McFarlane

Friday              12th                        Barb Sharp and   Roger  Selwood

Saturday         13th                        Andrew  Tyrell    


Tuesday          16th                          Robbie Leitch

Friday              19th                          Ian Thomas and Barbara Cheshire

Saturday         20th                          Diane Cameron    –finals,  if required.


Tuesday          23rd                        Brian Grace    –finals,  if required.

Friday              26th                        Ray Weston and John Bryant

Saturday         27th                         Sally King  –   If required to host finals.


If you cannot do your shift please organize a swap with some-one else.