Match Committee

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Please note Bowls Vic. Regulations were amended on the 4 Sep ’20 in regard to Equal Opportunity: Members shall abide by the Victorian Equal Opportunity Act 2010 which makes any discrimination in the sport of Bowls against the law. Equal opportunity must be offered in the provision of events and also in the opportunity to play in events.

Bowls Victoria Regulations September 2020 -Page 18. All single gender Championship events (Club and State) must be conducted concurrently where possible. If this is not possible due to facility limitations, events must be conducted in a manner that affords both genders equal opportunity. If one gender is given the opportunity to play on a weekend, the same opportunity must be afforded to the opposite gender if circumstances require. Flexibility and understanding are required by all members. (Clause 8 1 (c))

Latest from our Exec. Director, Peter Woodbridge – 16 Aug ’20

The clubhouse and the grounds must now remain totally closed, as we have had to create a Covid-Safe work environment for our Green-keeper. Please stay home.

Latest from Bowls Aust. (Includes their advice in regard to Vic.)

Latest from City of Kingston – 11 Jul ’20.

“Please note that no pavilions are allowed to be accessed nor any club based organised sporting activity to be permitted on Council Reserves.  We understand this is a very disappointing time fore all however all restrictions must be adhered to.”

As our Club rooms are under the control of  City of Kingston, the Club will remain closed. (pb11/7)

Latest from Bowls Vic. – 10 Jul ’20.

➡️Indoor Bowls facilities in Metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell must remain closed.

➡️ Members must contact their local club as to when they are open.

➡️ Maximum of 10 people per green, and a maximum of 2 people per rink.

➡️ 1.5m minimum distance must be maintained between each rink.

➡️ All Jacks & Mats must be cleaned and disinfected before and after use, and only handled by one person.

➡️ Club houses must be closed (other than bathroom facilities).

➡️ Clubs must receive approval from their local council to open their Club.

Further information will be posted on our website and emailed to clubs as soon as written advice is received from the relevant state authorities.

Please continue to stay safe and healthy, and thank you for being patient as we continue to navigate through the COVID-19 situation.

Look after yourself. Look after your mates. (pb10/7)

Last Bowls before Lock down – 8 Jul ’20

Match Committee

All Social Games, Special Days, Twilight and Club Championships.

Coordinator: Bob Davies.

Committee: Rae Gibbs, Bob Hasler, Diane McFarlane, Judy Munn, Peter Pawsey, Robert Rook, Ruth Rovers, Barb Sharp, Bernie Turnbull, Walter Trupke, Ray Weston.

Winter Tournament: Diane Cameron, Glenys Gionis.

New Bowlers Tournament: Sallyann King, Pamela Bryant.

Baguley Tournament Committee: (Match Members)

Margaret Bourne, Margaret Rook (Catering) Mary Weston (Raffles)

(Bowling Committee to assist, if req’d.)


On Club Select days all bowlers are required to bring a complete set of bowls. This will allow them to participate in any game format used on the day, and allow maximum participation.

  1. Friday Match: Phones will only be answered after 10.00 AM.
  2. Midweek Match: Phones will only be answered after 9.30 AM.
  3. Single Entries: Place your name on the Game List and IF YOU DON’T GET A PHONE CALL, you have a game. First on list, first to get a game.
  4. Explanations: C.S. = Club Select, put your name down as an individual, NOM. = Nominated team entries (or single entries for pick-up), OPEN = Any combination of gender or age, MUFTI = Neat casual (whites/uniform not necessary), MIXED = At least one team member is to be of the opposite sex.

Program, W/ending Sunday 28th Jun ’20

  • Monday Maintenance Day. Roll-ups, after greens maintenance.
  • Tuesday (20 only) 12.30 start.
  • Wednesday (20 only) 12.30 start. (Bowling Comm. meeting 10.30)
  • Thursday practice/coaching/roll-ups.
  • Friday (20 only) 10.30 start, AND (20 only) 1.00 start.
  • Saturday, the 4-week Winter Tournament begins (20 only) 10.30 start. Tournament No. 1 is on Saturdays 27/6, 4/7,11/7 & 18/7. (If you didn’t get in this time, put your name down for Tournament No. 2 – Saturdays 1/8, 8/8,15/8 & 22/8. There is a sign-up sheet at the club, or you can call Diane Cameron 0414 991 915 or Glenys Gionis 0411728991 to book a spot.

The above Program will continue for at least the next 3 weeks with the following change:

  • All fills for Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays will now cater for 24 players.

Please put you name down as an emergency if the sheets are full, as we have had many pull outs and your chances of getting a game, are quite reasonable. As always, emergencies are to turn up unless they get a call not to. Similarly, the pre-booked Winter Comp. might need back up players.

Club C’ship events and results.

Congrats to last seasons Club Champs! Robert Leitch (Life Member) and Heather Redpath.