Novice Carnival Update : Craig Whatman thru to round of 16 in singles.

Well, our 4 novices represented the club well over the weekend.

Friday was the pairs. Garry Dodge was out with covid but Craig Whatman found a replacement partner in Kellie Madeley from Mordialloc. They won their section, then won their first knockout game which should have put them into the round of 16 however their were 18 teams who went through so 4 were randomly selected to play off for the final 2 spots. This game was at 7pm and they had to change venue. Unfortunately, they were beaten in this match 17 to 12. The match finished just after 9pm, 12 and a half hours after they started their first match. Mammoth effort.

On to the singles on Saturday, again an 8:30am start.

Callen who had been practicing all week on the synthetic (even on Tuesday night with what little light spilled over from the social game on A green) believing Dandy club didn’t use their grass green, drew the grass green which was heavy. He had a shot for shot battle with Lee Fletcher from Heathmont, but unfortunately went down 17 to 21. His next game was on the synthetic which he won 21-0. Lee Fletcher also won his 2nd game which means he won the section.

Chris (Spud) had to travel to Berwick with his support crew of Christine and Graeme. Jim also went to this match and said it was a very high standard and the score was not representative of the way Chris played as he often had the shot, but his opponent took it off him. Chris won his second game. All three in the group won a game each so the winner was decided on the shot differential and Chris missed out.

Our Tuesday night lead Colin put in a few drives picking up the jack. Just what we need a driving lead. But went down in both games, by 6 and 10, the second of these to Dylan Cooper of Lilydale who went on the following day to win the open pairs with his bowls partner. I watched the first of these games and again a very high standard.

Last but not least, Craig. He won his section, then drew the short straw again having to play in 2 knockout rounds to get through to the Round of 32. He won again this morning (again an 8:30am start) to go through to the round of 16. His next game is at 11am this morning at Mulgrave Country Club and we wish him luck.

The finals will be broadcast. Keep an eye on the Bowls Vic FB page for broadcast details. And to follow the score in Craig’s match go to https://results.bowlslink.com.au/competition/9ae2b5e4-8b73-4515-9577-849dddb9c6fa#finals-series/1/4

Well done all. Great to see the Edithvale uniform at all venues.