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Southern Districts Electric Light Association

Edithvale has 2 sides in this competition, and it is very popular. If you want  to know more about this “Night-time Pennant”,  contact Diane, Greg or Marika. They’d love to hear from you!

In the mean time here is their Pennant draw (as proposed). sdelba 2021 draft dates

Latest from Bowls Vic. 7 Sep ’20 CLICK HERE
A Message from the Selectors

A call to all those members that indicated that they would be available for weekend Pennant 2020/21.

Could you please contact John Bryant on 0401434296/ (for Weekend Pennant) or Deb Sherry on 0410 422 882/ indicating that you are still interested in the current format 0f 14 weeks commencing Saturday 7th November 2020 and Thursday 10th November 2020 (resp.).

We would like to know before the 30th September 2020 so we can adjust the amount of sides if we do not have enough players, and contact BV.

Please take into consideration that those of us who maybe immuno- compromised and a little bit wary about the social distancing and your own health please do not feel obliged to play this season as I am sure you will not be alone in that decision.

Hopefully season 2021 / 22 will be a normal season.  Thank you.

John Bryant.

Chair Weekend selection. (pb/sep)

Please note Bowls Vic. Regulations were amended on the 4 Sep ’20 in regard to Equal Opportunity: Members shall abide by the Victorian Equal Opportunity Act 2010 which makes any discrimination in the sport of Bowls against the law. Equal opportunity must be offered in the provision of events and also in the opportunity to play in events.

Bowls Victoria Regulations September 2020 -Page 18. All single gender Championship events (Club and State) must be conducted concurrently where possible. If this is not possible due to facility limitations, events must be conducted in a manner that affords both genders equal opportunity. If one gender is given the opportunity to play on a weekend, the same opportunity must be afforded to the opposite gender if circumstances require. Flexibility and understanding are required by all members. (Clause 8 1 (c))

The Midweek Draw for the 2020-2021.

The Weekend Draw for the 2020-2021.

Who plays who: (Apologies for lack of Clarity.)

Bowls Vic. Updated proposal for Metropolitan Pennant (15 Aug. ’20)

2020/21 Metropolitan Pennant Season
Expected: November 2020
Alternative Option: January 2021

November 7th (W’end) and 10th (M’week).14 rounds home and away, followed by a regular finals to late March. Divisions will be comprised of 10 sections of 8 teams.

 New Competitions (6-a-side & 7-a-side):
Both the 6-a-side Spring Saturday Morning and the Spring Thursday 7-a-side Competitions will run this season. More information will be sent to clubs on the 7-a-side Competition soon. This competition will have no entry fee for the first two seasons (Spring & Summer).

2021 Champion of State Pennant (Midweek and Weekend)
April 2021 – Moama BC (W’end) 24th/25th April and (M’week) 26th/27th of April.

Champion of State Pennant Teams: April 12th, 2021.



Sandbelt Regional Selection Policy (as adopted Aug. ’20)

“At a recent Sandbelt Board Meeting the attached Selection Policy for Sandbelt Region teams was adopted for the 2020/21 Bowls season. This is a big change to how Selection has occurred in previous years so PLEASE distribute to your club members so that they are aware of the steps necessary to achieve Region Selection. Whether we get to put the Policy into action is up to the COVID gods.” (Kerry Disney, Sandbelt Secretary. 13 Aug ’20.)

The Region Championships consist of: Open; over 60’s; and Novice competitions. Disciplines include men’s and women’s: singles, pairs, triples and fours; and mixed pairs. As a matter of fairness, points will only be available in the Open competition as all players are eligible to enter the Open events.

CLICK HERE  to read more

Latest News 8 Jul ’20

Being ever positive, the Selectors have entered 4 sides in both the M/week and W/end Pennant for  season 20/21.

Latest News 26 Jun ’20

The following 3 statements from Bowls Vic. sum up the latest situation in regard to Pennant and C’ship’s.

  • “Bowls Victoria has made the tough decision to postpone all Metropolitan Pennant Divisional Finals scheduled for this weekend, next week and next month’s State Championships.”
  • “As a result, Midweek & Weekend Metropolitan Pennant Divisional Finals are postponed ”
  • “State Championships matches scheduled for July will also be postponed including State Championships (Singles, Pairs, Mixed Pairs, Triples and Fours), Over 60’s Championships, Champions of Champions and Novice Singles.”

(For more from BV Click Here.)

In view of this, it is a very difficult task to set up Divisions and Sections for this seasons Pennant. Let’s hope it all gets settled for the right reason …… no Covid!

In the meantime, …. congrats to our M/week Div. 3 on winning Section 6, who were to play Donvale at Glen Waverley on Tuesday. (pb26/6)

Latest News 24 Jun ’20

Bowls Vic are hoping to run a 6-a-side 15 ends Weekend (Sat.) Spring & Summer Pennant Season. The Spring Season dates are: 26/9, 3/10, 10/10, 17/10, 31/10 & Finals from 7/11. The Summer Season dates are: 23/1, 30/1, 6/2, 13/2, 20/2 & Finals from 27/2. Play to start at 10.00am.

Also, proposed is a 6-a-side 15 ends Midweek (Tues) Spring & Summer Pennant Season. The Spring Season dates are: 29/9, 6/10, 13/10, 20/10, 27/10, 10/11 & Finals from 17/11. The Summer Season dates are: 2/2, 9/2, 16/2, 23/2, 2/3, 9/3 & Finals from 16/3. Play to start at 10.30am.

A new competition is also a possibility, that of a 7-a-side Thursday Spring Pennant Season the predicted dates are: 1/10, 8/10, 15/10, 22/10, 29/10 & Finals from 5/11. The make up of the side is 2 X Pairs and 1 Triple.

These proposals offer options for bowlers that are time poor, struggle with the current 21 ends, those that are new to the sport, those that cannot, or do not wish to, commit to a lengthy 18 to 20 weeks of Pennant, those that want to play more but for a shorter duration, those that do not want to play in the heat of the day, and those that wish to play closer to home. These things are achieved because there will only be 6 Sides to a Section (less travel), they will only have to commit to 5 rounds plus finals and will only play 15 ends with 10.00 or 10.30 am starts, thus avoiding the heat.

If you have an interest in any of the above 3 and did not intend to play in either of the normal W/end, M/week Pennants please put your name down at the Club. (We need expressions of interest by 14th July please.) (pb25/6)

Selection Committees

Weekend Selection: Chair: John Bryant

Committee: Greg Bourne, Jim Brown, Glenys Gionis, Margaret Gumbleton.

Late Withdrawal. Please ring, John Bryant 97723330/0401434296

Midweek Selection: Chair: Deb Sherry

Committee: Alan Cousens, Trish Eastwood, Eric Sellars, Barb Sharp.

Late Withdrawal. Please ring, Alan Cousens, 0419008867.

Tuesday Night Selection Committee: Greg Bourne, 0407731484.

Diane Cameron, 0414991915. Marika Forras, 0416128330.