15th December

Div 2 Section 6

Edithvale 72 (B Morton 18-25, A Cousens 13-24, G Bourne 25-10, P Woodbridge 16-14) lost to Keysborough 73

The first side lost a cliff-hanger to Keysborough on the last bowl of the day when ex-pat Bob Steele drew to a foot with the scores all tied up. Greg Bourne’s four trailled 3-6 early, but enjoyed a 22-4 run over the back end of the match, including a 4 and two 3s, to win by 15 shots. This won the rink of Greg (S), Trish Eastwood, Jim Brown and John Paul the Drinks for the Day. Peter Woodbridge’s crew picked up a 4 early then maintained a narrow lead for the entire match to win by 2 shots. Billy Morton’s team shot out to an 8-4 lead but had their work cut out for them late in the match and lost by 7 shots, while Alan Cousens’ four were well placed at 7-8 but struggled to win the mat in the home stretch and lost by 11 shots.

Div 2 Section 8

Edithvale 56 (P Bryant 21-23, A Benson 14-30, B Overson 13-26, C Baskett 8-28) lost to Middle Park 107

The second side travelled to Middle Park and found the opposition a little strong for them. Pam Bryant’s four had a topsy-turvy match, recovering from 9-15 to lead 21-18, before falling away again for a 2 shot loss. Barb Overson’s team were well-placed at 10-14 mid-match, before being overrun for a 13 shot loss. Similarly, Andrew Benson’s crew were hanging in there at 6-9, before the opposition drew away for a 16 shot loss, while Claire Baskett’s four struggled to work their way into the match and lost by 20 shots.

Div 4 Section 8

Edithvale 76 (N Lewis 20-13, R Weston 20-17, M Bourne 13-27, B Baird 23-24) lost to Parkdale 81

The third side lost a nail-biter at Parkdale, fighting it out all the way to the end. Neil Lewis’ four led 6-5 early, went on a 11-1 run over the middle ends, dropped a couple of ends but finished well to win by 7 shots. Ray Weston’s crew enjoyed a close match, and after the scores level at 13-all, won some key ends to score a 3 shot victory. Bob Baird’s team were hanging in there at 13-18, scored a 5 and a 4 to hit the front, but fell away at the end for a 1 shot loss, while Margaret Bourne’s four dropped some big numbers early before winning the last three ends to lose by 14 shots. 

Div 5 Section 6

Edithvale 51 (I Thomas 20-19, J Cracknell 8-22, D Cameron 11-27, B Turnbull 12-23) lost to Berwick 91

The fourth side hosted Berwick and lost by 40 shots. Ian Thomas’ four led 13-6 early, fell away to trail 14-19, but finished strongly to win by a solitary shot. Bernie Turnbull’s crew were well-placed 10-9 mid-match, but struggled in the run home and lost by 11 shots. John Cracknell’s team struggled to win the mat in the run home and lost by 14 shots, while Diane Cameron’s four started slowly to trail 3-17, picked up a 4 and a 3 to apply some pressure, but fell away again for a 16 shot loss.