7th February 2023


7th Feb  2023

Tonight’s game was played against Black Rock at Sandringham (their night pennant home ground).  At the start of the night the sun was shining and there was a strong breeze.  As the sun begun to set the night got a little chilly and many players were diving into their bags for extra clothing and beanies.  We had three of our emergency players slotted in to play, so they qualify for finals, thanks to Garry Dodge, Peter Woodbridge and Andrew Tyrrell.  A great win by the team, with a win on all three rinks.

Rink 1 with Ray Weston, Sally King, Andrew Tyrrell, Craig Whatman won 10 ends on the night with seven multiples (one 2, two 3’s, two brilliant 4’s and two fantastic 5’s).  Had the lead from the second end onwards and gradually increased the lead throughout the game with some very handy multiples.  Craig’s opposition lead was also a new bowler, both starting around the same time, only difference was their age and height.  A good effort by the young fella – don’t know how he got up to go to school the next day.  A great win of 19 shots on this rink.

Rink 2 with Ant Cameron, Peter Woodbridge, Marika Forras and Garry Dodge won 11 ends and had eight multiples (four 2’s and two 3’s, one fantastic 4 and one brilliant 5).  Had control of the game all night, although the opposition came close a few times and, on the 12th, end we only had a two shot lead.  Won the last five ends to give this rink a 13 shot win.

Rink 3 with Craig Jones, Rod Cameron, Shellie Kavanagh and Janienne Woodbridge, won 9 ends with only three multiples (two 2, and one 5).  Very close game on this rink, with scores very close from the 10th end onwards.  Won the first four ends, but most ends were won by a single shot.  Scores were even on the 12th end, but a handy five on the 14th end and winning the last end helped them limp over the line and win by 2 shots.  PHEW!!

I was a spectator tonight and watched some great bowls put down and also one very wayward shot which almost got shot on the next rink.  Tonight we attained our highest score ever for night pennant since we started over 7 years ago.  Well done to all players.

We are back on top of the ladder with Keysborough only one shot behind.

Next week we play Coatesville away.

RAY 29 – 10                        ANT 26 – 13                       CRAIG  15 – 13

EDITHVALE – 70           BLACK ROCK – 36



Diane Cameron – Editor