7th March 2023


7th March 2023

Tonight’s game was a thriller, with the last bowl after 17 ends, that mattered most.  On all three rinks our skips had the last bowl, and they bowled them brilliantly.  We played Hampton RSL tonight and last time we played them at their home ground we had thunderstorms, torrential rain and an overall loss of 13 shots.  Tonight, we played at home and had gusty north/west winds, which played havoc with our bowls, but more importantly we had a three shot win.

Rink 1 with Ray Weston, Sally King, Helen Thompson, Craig Whatman won 5 ends with two multiples, (two 3’s).  Tough game on this rink for our players, who gave their best to stay in the game.  A few lucky wicks by the opposition and some great bowls saw this rink go down by 12 shots.

Rink 2 with Ant Cameron, Diane Cameron, Marika Forras and Colin Buckley won 10 ends with eight multiples (four 2’s, two 3’s one fantastic 4 and one brilliant 5).  Our players knew how to play this green, whether it was short or long ends and many times we played using the wind to our advantage.  We had the lead from start to finish.  Last bowl of the night had the opposition holding two shots.  Our skip, Antman, knew we had to win this end to give us a chance of an overall win.  Drew in a beautiful bowl to push the jack into the ditch and with his bowl staying with the jack, near where we already had a bowl nearby.  We won this end by two shots and a win on this rink by 15 shots.

Rink 3 with Craig Jones, Rod Cameron, Shellie Kavanagh and Janienne Woodbridge, won 9 ends with five multiples (two 2’s and three 3’s).  A great game on this rink, with the scores fairly even up to the 5th end.  We then won the next five ends and by the 10th end we had a 7 shot lead.  The opposition fought back and by the 16th end they were three shots down.  Last end of the night was a tight tussle with the opposition holding shot and our bowl was 2nd shot.  Opposition skip had his last bowl and took out our bowl, so  we were now down by five shots.  Craig looked at the head then before standing on the mat, looked over and said to me  “I’m going to draw”, great decision.  Although they didn’t win that end, he cut it back to three down and a DRAW on this rink.

A great win tonight and although we are still 5th on the ladder, there is still a slight chance that we can make the finals.  It all comes down as to whether second place Hampton RSL defeats 4th place Coatesville with a score of 10 points or more.  We have a BYE next week, so we only get 6 points and currently we are three points behind Coatesville.  STAY TUNED!!

It was great to have some of our members come down to cheer us on.  Thanks to Suzanne, Pat, Trish, Gary, Vic, Peter W, Robbie and Andrew.  Also, thanks to Helen, Shellie and Diane for providing supper for after the game and thanks to Trish and Pat for cleaning up.


RAY 9 – 21                        ANT 24 – 9                           CRAIG  17 – 17


EDITHVALE – 50           HAMPTON RSL – 47



Diane Cameron – Editor