Grand Final Win – 2022



This is my final report for this season on a very memorable game to not only witness but to play in.  Before the game had even started, we had two withdrawals and a couple of changed positions.  After speaking with our emergencies and changing a player from a third to a skip, there seemed to be a calm before the game.  I arrived 6.30pm at Cheltenham BC and the rinks were full with players from Division 5 and 2 having a roll up before the final started at 7pm.  With cards and team sheets sorted, the coin was tossed, it was Edithvale mat.  I gathered our players together and asked them to play their best and have fun.  I thanked our emergencies for playing and to Craig for stepping into the role as a skip.  I said “we have the ability to win and lets bring home the shield”.  The summary of the game will be done in the order that they finished after playing 17 ends

Rink 1 had Ant, Rod, Rachel, and Colin and once again they finished first.  They won eleven ends with three multiples – one 2 and two 3’s. The game was very close up to the 6th end when the scores were five all.  The opposition won four out of the next five ends and suddenly we were down by 3 shots.  Once again from the 11th end (there is something about the 11th end with this team) they went on a winning streak, winning the last seven ends and a win on this rink by 7 shots.

Rink 2 with Craig, Jim, Sally and Janienne won ten ends on the night with four multiples, three 2’s & two 3’s A great start to the game with a lead of 7 shots by the 8th end.  On the 9th end they dropped a six and then the rest of the game was a tight battle with the scores level on the 10th, 15th and the final end.  A great effort by this team with Craig filling in as skip for the first time in night pennant, guiding his rink to a draw,

Rink 3 with Peter, Diane, Helen, and Brendan won eight ends on the night with five multiples – one 2 and one 3.  Had a great start on this rink with a nine-shot lead by the 11th end.  Then we dropped a six on the 12th end which made the game very tight till the 17th end. The opposition caught up with a single shot each end and by the 16th end they were a shot in front.  Although the other 2 rinks had finished Edithvale were still six shots up overall, so by the last end on this rink we had to win the last end.  There was no talking about losing by less than 6 shots, we just had to win the last end and that we did with a single shot on the last end to give us a draw on this rink.

A great win by Edithvale players and there were cheers by the players and the supporters after the game.  Thanks to our cheer squad for the night, Ray, Mary, Vic, Amy, Claire, Glen, Robbie and Brendan for adding to the atmosphere and sticking around till the end of the game.  Also, thanks to the many members that sent me good luck texts before the game. After the game we ventured inside for a drink and presentation of our winning medal.  The shield will be presented at the SDELBA – AGM in July, which will give us time to make room on the wall.

Many thanks to our players for the season and to my co-selector Sally for all your support in making this season, one to remember.  It was great to see one of our players today wearing his medal when going out for lunch with his wife.  I wonder how many of you are wearing them today.  I know mine was under my pillow last night.

CRAIG 16 – 16                      PETER 15 – 15                      ANTHONY 16 – 9

EDITHVALE  47                   NOBLE PARK 40


Diane Cameron – Editor