Edithvale Kestrels

Report from Season 2.

Hello Kestrels,

Unfortunately we missed out by 2 points on making finals in Season 2, by missing a draw on the second rink by 2 shots.  So close.  We finished 5th out of 6 sides, but had some great battles against some good oppositions.  I am sure we will all be better for the experience.

I hope you all enjoyed the comp. anyway.  It was a good opportunity to introduce Chris Pidoto, Graeme Burgess and Colin Shiel to a pennant style competition where the team is across more than one rink.

I would like to thank you all for participating.  Thanks for Rosemary filling in for the first couple of weeks whilst we sorted ourselves out.

I would especially like to thank Garry Dodge who stepped in as Manager when I became unwell before the season kicked off.  He had already been co-ordinating the money and cards in the first season but took on the extra role of organising who was playing and when, and making sure we had enough players qualified for finals in case we made it.  It’s great for EBC to have a relatively new bowler (only a few seasons) stepping up to take on a leadership role.

And thanks to Marika for getting us involved in this comp in the first place.  We obviously missed your C’mon Kestrels, keep it tight! in this season. Report by Shellie Kavanagh

If you’d like to be an “Edithvale Kestrel” and play Tuesday nights at Brighton Bowling Club in their Winter Challenge Event (totally under cover in-house with a bar!), please contact Shellie Kavanagh (0422 952 917) or Garry Dodge. We won the last Challenge! Let’s do it again!

 Also, if you like playing night bowls remember you can play for Edithvale in the Southern Districts Electric Light Bowling Associations Pennant competition over summer. To do that please put your name down at the club or contact Shellie Kavanagh (0422 952 917) or Ray Weston.


Did you know! There is an Edithvale Side competing in the “Tuesday Night Winter Challenge” held at the Brighton Indoor Bowls Complex, over winter (of course).

They are the “Edithvale Kestrels”.


LEAD – Shellie Kavanagh

SECOND – Jim Kavanagh and Sallyann King (play alternate weeks due to work commitments)

THIRD – Victor Marczenko

SKIP – Craig Jones


LEAD – Colin Buckley

SECOND – Garry Dodge

THIRD – Marika Forras

SKIP – Andrew Tyrrell

Emergency Rod Cameron (has played two games so far)

The report below is courtesy of Marika Forras.

“Well we played in the blue room on Tuesday and came away with the win!

Both teams had very tight matches and Craig’s team ended up winning coming from behind by 1 shot and not having to play the last bowl as Andrew’s team had a draw, meaning WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!

However the best was yet to come as all the teams playing in both Section 1 (top division) and Section 2 (second division) they all had only 1 win and 1 loss leaving the Edithvale Kestrels with a win and draw and winning overall on the evening with a 1 shot victory!  So we all got a $10 voucher redeemable at the Bar or it can be used at Resting Toucher if you like but just let Lloyd know and valid until Dec this year.  I will give out to players who had to leave before the presentation.

We are now only 2 points off 4th on the ladder so these last two games are going to be very important and I know we can do it and get to the finals. Click here for Bowls Link results from the latest round.

At present the teams are the same with Sallyann King back in as second this week with Jim Kavanagh the following week.  Again thank you to Rod Cameron who filled in for Jim Kavanagh on Tuesday and I believe is available for the last two games if we have someone fall ill or cannot play, but as always please let me know ahead of time.

Again Congratulations everyone. GO KESTRELS!!   (Marika – Kestrels Editor)

Week 4.  23 May ’23.

Well, we had a slow start to the Winter Tournament but as requested in our last newsletter we only have two rounds left and with strong play and good teamwork we can get into the finals.  With that mindset you all delivered and we beat the Bentleigh Bears who were in 3rd spot!

What an evening of solid bowling with Craig’s team keeping in touch and then moving in front with a couple of multiples, but not giving up going into the last end being one shot down. Victor came through with a beautiful draw just nudging the kitty to make a two with Craig sealing the 3rd shot to win their rink by 2 shots!

Andrew’s rink also kept in touch at the beginning but the Bears were starting to get ahead when on the 8th end being two shots down, I played my bowl to draw but ending up playing through a foot too pick the kitty up taking it back to our two bowls behind and with other bowls also in the vicinity were looking at 5 shots up!  Andrew added another one in and their skip could not cut it down so we picked up a 6 and never looked back picking up a couple more multiples and holding the opposition to ones. On the last end with Andrew not having to bowl his last as we were two shots down and overall had the win , Andrew played the most amazing draw to break Bentleigh Bears heart to win the last end by one and overall, by 5 shots!

With this great win we should jump two positions going into 3rd position on the ladder with one game left next Tuesday against Murrumbeena.  But on writing the report the Bowlslink results had not been updated.

Overall, on the night we came in 3rd place with two wins and 5 shots up over both sections.

Please find attached the scorecards and photo of last end supplied by Colin of Andrew’s last shot and Happy Birthday to Andrew who celebrates his last day of his 50’S today.


Week 5.  30 May ’23.

Congratulations Edithvale Kestrels!!

Third place on the ladder and we play the Bentleigh Barracudas 2nd on the ladder in next week’s finals series!

We met in the Blue room for a game against the 5th team on the ladder and sometimes that can be hard to do as you think it might be an easy win! But no we let our bowls do the talking and led from the start with both rinks winning!

With Andrew out with the flu, Rod stepped in to the team as 3rd with myself skipping….we had a great start and then kept it tight and came away with the win and only giving away one bad end.

Craig’s team kept it tight for the first 6 ends then kept moving ahead with two major multiples being a 4 and a 5!!

So ended the night with two wins and 14 shots up and overall on the evening finished 2nd with Fitzroy being the only other winning team but had a few more shots up …25!!

So next week at 0630…there is nothing to lose…let’s have fun, bowl well and we may end up in the GF….

Supporters welcome!

Team is the same except, Colin is off overseas so Rod will step in again and Sallyann is back in on rotation in Craig’s team.

Thanks Rod you have been our go to player and its much appreciated!!

Onwards and upwards Edithvale Kestrels!! (Marika)

Semi Final. 6 Jun ’23.

Hi Team, what an amazing team effort it was Tuesday night to swoop down and leave the Barracudas without any water and making it to the Grand Final for the Winter Indoor tournament, which was run over 5 weeks, we kept pushing and playing some great bowls to end up as one of the two top teams.

You should all be proud of yourselves!

We knew it would be a tough night and we had to play the best bowls to defeat the second on the ladder team of the Bentleigh Barracudas who defeated us by 15 shots in round 2 with only the one rink getting up. Both teams kept it tight with only the 1 or  2 shots in it at each end and with 7 ends won for Craig’s team and 8 ends won for Andrew’s team at the end of 15 it was a DRAW with overall shots from both sides even.  An amazing effort from Craig’s team to get the numbers up on their last end to get that draw with some great bowling by Shellie and Vic M on the last end.

So, it was down to a one end shoot out for each team to get a definitive score and move into the finals.  Andrew and his opposing skip had both put their bowls in the car so had to go and retrieve as were not expecting another end to be played!

With some great bowling under the pressure of what this last end meant and great communication we came away with the win by 1 shot overall!

Andrew’ team, Rod covered the back, Garry put a great bowl in for shot then Marika played another great bowl to sit just in front of Garry next to the Jack. Andrew also would not be left out and also drew into the head for 3 shots. The opposing skip then drove his first bowl and took Marika’s bowl out and Andrew then put another bowl in the head and again the opposing Skip went for the drive but missed.  So, we held 2 shots and were measuring for a third but had to call the umpire in Lloyd but Craig’s team were only one down with only Craig to play his last bowl and he did not have to as 2 minus 1 equals 1 overall so WINNER EDITHVALE KESTRELS!! ….. Lloyd was so happy not having to measure that last bowl as it was past 09.30 pm ….lol.

So next week we take on the top team on the ladder, being Hampton at 06.30 pm.

We can do this so just play, have fun, and see what happens!!

Supporters Welcome! 😊 Kind Regards, Marika Forras

Again, the teams are below for next week.

Team 1


SECOND – JIM K   (Sallyann played in the Semi and will be in the Cook Islands cheering us on)



Team 2

LEAD-ROD C (Colin B could not play finals but is cheering us on from somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea!)




Final 13 Jun ’23

Well Team,  a Big Congratulations and now Grand Final Winners of the Tuesday night Winter bowls Tournament One at Brighton Bowling Club Section B with a $1000 kitty waiting for the winners! A slight hiccup to start the evening in that one of the Hampton team members had not qualified, by not playing at least two games as some of their team had gone to some little tournament up Gold Coast way…lol.  But we did not want to win on a Forfeit so as per Bowls rules we agreed to a substitute but they could not come in as a Skip which Hampton were planning to do but found out that this was not permitted. So, the Edithvale Kestrels strode onto the Blue Room green and did not look back! After both rinks lost the first end by only one shot both teams then hit the front and never looked back.

All the players were relaxed and playing amazing bowls and the scores showed it by an overall win of +21!! Every member of the two teams held shot at some point and only let in the opposition for a total of 9 shots over 15 ends.

So, over the 5-week tournament and languishing 5th on the ladder after 2 games we steamed home to jump two places to 3rd and consolidated that position to get into the finals. With a nail biter in the Semi Final against Bentleigh by having to play a one end shoot out, with confidence high that we had the ability to do this we knocked off the ladder leaders who held this position from the start of the tournament.

Never underestimate what you can do in any sport and where you start is not always where you will finish! 

We had a great team and we worked well together so a big pat on the back to you all!!

Thank you to our supporters on the evening Robbie Leitch and Diane Cameron.

FOOTNOTE: BBC are running a second winter tournament with the start date approximately 3 weeks away from now.  We need minimum 10 players which includes two emergencies to cover the 5 weeks and any potential finals.  It’s a great opportunity to learn a new playing surface and it’s lots of fun with nibbles after the game and the bar open. If you are interested, please reach out to Shellie Kavanaugh as I will be overseas during this tournament. Please  Kind Regards Marika Forras.