Club C’ship Events

2023-24 Winners

(All photos below are courtesy of Heather Redpath, if you have some to add I’d love to place them here!)

Men’s Singles.

Winner – V. Marczenko.

Runner up – D. Chambers.

Women’s Singles.

Winner – H. Redpath.

Runner up  – J. Collins.

Men’s Pairs.

Winners – B. Doyle, A. Tyrrell.

(Sub & Rep. player  J. Bryant.)

Runners up – J. Brown, D. Chambers.

Women’s Pairs. (Not held.)

Mixed Sets Play Pairs

Winners – C. Whatman, T. Eastwood.

Runners up – J. Collins, D. Chambers.

New Bowlers Tournament

Winner – Callen Parsons.

Runner up – Chris Pidoto.

New Bowlers Final – Sun. 24th March ’24

Congratulations Callen Parsons and Chris Pidoto on a great day of bowls today. There were about 30 members cheering them on in support, all in awe of their magnificent precision draw bowls and telling up shots. Chris Pidoto had a half way catch after only managing single shots early. At the end of day Callen proved victor at plus 21 and Chris runner up at plus 17. Well done guys! (Photo – Barb Sharp)

Sandbelt Champion of Champions

Heather Redpath and Victor Marczenko will represent Edithvale in the Sandbelt “Champion of Champions” this Saturday 16th March and Sunday 17th March. Victor will play Andy Duff (Murrumbeena Park) at Burden Park at 10.00am on the Saturday, while Heather, having rec’d a bye and a forfeit, will play in the Quarter Final at 10.00am on Sunday at Burden Park. Come along and support our Champions.

Mixed Sets Play Pairs- Final

The Final of the Mixed Sets Play Pairs has been run and won by Craig Whatman & Trish Eastwood today (Friday 16th Feb. ’24). The match started at 10.30 am and finished about 2.00 pm. Brilliant bowling from all four (runners up Don Chambers and Jan Collins) combatants impressed the small gallery that keenly watched the see-sawing of heads and friendliness exhibited throughout. A six on the 6th end won the first set for Whatman & Eastwood but the second set was a nailbiter with Whatman 2 down but not needing to play his last bowl after a brilliant turnaround bowl by Chambers. Had he moved the jack just another few inches making a 4 or 5 with his last bowl there would have been a 3 end tie breaker required. Well done to all players, a great spectacle, in good spirit.

Mixed Sets Play Pairs – Semi Finals

The Semi’s were played today (Friday) due to some having Sandbelt Commitments and the threat of a VERY HOT day forecasted for Sunday. Winners over 2 sets were Craig Whatman & Trish Eastwood who defeated Jim & Shellie Kavanagh and Don Chambers & Jan Collins who defeated Cheryl Plunkett & Roger Selwood (sub for an injured Robert Rook) also in 2 sets. All is set for a great final on Sunday 18th Feb’24 when Craig & Trish play Don & Jan. Write it in your diary and come along and support the players. Thank you Carol Baker for the photo below.

Mixed Sets Play Pairs – Rd. 2

Rd.2 of the Mixed Sets Play Pairs started at about 9.00am this morning (Sun. 4th Feb. ’24) in the hope of beating the heat, predicted to reach 37-38 degrees. Robert Rook & Cheryl Plunkett had pre-played their round defeating Peter Sale and Barb Sharp. Today Don Chambers and Jan Collins defeated John Bryant and Lily Mounter in the extra 3 end tie breaker, while Jim Kavanagh and Shellie Kavanagh defeated Craig Jones and Trish Comerford in a real nail-biter forced into another extra end after the 3 end tie breaker was a draw! Great bowling by everyone with all players congratulating and encouraging their team mates at all times. A gallery of about a dozen enjoyed the spectacle with a little gasping and applauding thrown in.

Mixed Sets Play Pairs Rd. 1

Wonderful day at the Club for Rd. 1 of the Sets Play Pairs won by Craig Whatman and Trish Eastwood.

The first of the Rd. 2 games also played out today with winners Robert Rook and Cheryl Plunkett

(Thanks Marg Rook for the photos)

The Gallery & Players.

Format of Mixed Sets Play Pairs

2x2x2x2 crossover. 2 Sets 7 ends, if the jack goes out of play it will be re-spotted on the centre T (front of Jack at back of T). If both teams win a set each, then a 3 end Tie Break shall be played, the team with most shots up after 3 ends is the winner, if still tied an extra end will be played to decide the winner.

The 2023-2024 Club Championship Singles were held today in mild and cloudy conditions.

A small gallery witnessed some brilliant draw bowling from all competitors.

Victor bounced out of the starting gate with a three, answered by Don over the next 2 ends. Victor then scored 10 shots over the following 4 ends to Don’s 1. Don was to pick up a 1 and a 3 over the last 5 ends but Victor stormed home picking up 12 in those 5 ends and it was all over. 25 to 8.

Heather and Jan had a close seesawing first half with scores 14 to Jan and 12 to Heather before Heather picked up momentum scoring a three to take her to the front at 15, never looking back. Jan was unable to answer the onslaught and remained on 14. Final scores 25 to 14 in Heather’s favour.   

I think the gallery would agree that the drawing abilities of the contestants was first class and that, “that precision”, was what got them into the Final’s.

Robert Rook and John Bryant (Organiser) served as Markers on the day. Kingsley Ellis and Peter Sale, Roger Selwood and Ray Weston kept us up to date as Scoreboard Attendants. Garry Dodge helped the fore-mentioned with the set up. Thank you all for the role you played in making this event seamless, your help on the day was much appreciated. Thank you also to Roger Selwood & Peter Sale for vacuuming and cleaning the clubhouse prior to the games starting.

A cuppa & nibbles followed and winner’s badges were duly presented by Vice Pres. John Bryant. (PB26/11)

Today’s Rd. 1 of the Club C’ship Singles was played, dare I say it…… in the best weather conditions for months!

Vic. Marczenko def. John Lyons after a brilliant comeback fight by John.

Craig Jones def. Colin Shiel

Don Chambers was given a walkover by Robert Leitch (illness).

Jim Kavanagh was given a walkover by Frank Ryan.

There were no Women’s Singles today as Suzanne Webber also rec’d a walkover from Trish Eastwood (illness).

Important Reminder

The Board determine the direction of play on our greens for each day of the week and these dates must be strictly adhered too.

This program of use is done to protect our greens and ensure an even running surface and more importantly to avoid the “runs” that we all complain about.

If you do not play in the direction determined by the Board, you can and will be asked to move to the designated direction or failing that, you may be disqualified or forced to give a walkover in a Club Game.

R/up Jim Brown & Don Chambers (absent) , Winners Andrew Tyrrell (replacement player John Bryant) and Brendan Doyle. 20/13.

Below the draw for this seasons Men’s Pairs Championship. Unfortunately we did not receive enough entries to run a Women’s Pairs Championship.

Men’s Pairs Final – Umpire – Pamela Bryant.

Scroll down for a complete 23/24 season “Calendar of Events” for BV. C’ships, Sandbelt C’ships & Pennant Dates.

To all members, please take note of the dates for the Rounds of the Club Pairs, Singles, Mixed Sets Play and note that the round must be completed on or before that date. If you need to pre-play please request a rink via the the Greenkeepers board, early, and play in the direction allotted for that day.

Semi Finals & Finals shall be played North/South.

No pre-practice allowed at any time on the day of play.

Please consider before entering the Club games that if you know you could not play on the dates provided or before, please do not enter.

For all who enter if a round is not completed on the date of the round the players will have to forfeit the round.  There will be no excuses accepted.

If you have any issues on a pre-play day, please ring an Umpire who will assist with your enquiry.

Men’s and Women’s Pairs.

2x2x2x2 crossover. 15 ends, Mufti. Final 18 ends, Club Uniform. If the jack goes out of bounds please replay the end. No dead ends.

Men`s and Women’s Singles.

4 bowls, 25 up. Players on top of the draw to ensure they get a Marker. If the jack goes out of bounds please replay the end. No dead ends. In the case of a draw, 25 all, play an extra end until a result is achieved. Pre-rounds Mufti, Final Club Uniform.

Mixed Sets Play.

2x2x2x2 crossover. 2 Sets 7 ends, if the jack goes out of play it will be re-spotted on the centre T (front of Jack at back of T). If both teams win a set each, then a 3 end Tie Break shall be played, the team with most shots up after 3 ends is the winner, if still tied an extra end will be played to decide the winner.

New Bowlers. (Mixed)

Round Robin Singles, 3 Games of  9 ends with 4 bowls each, Sun.17th Mar.‘24.10.00 am. 10 points a win plus shots up. Top 2 qualify for the final on the following Sunday.

To qualify for entry to this event you must be a first time bowler who joined our club after 1st Sep. 2020. The Final will be played on Sunday 24th March ’24 over 21 ends starting at 1.00 pm and will be followed by an afternoon tea for all our new members. All bowlers are encouraged to come and watch the final before the afternoon tea.

NB. The Sets Play Pairs Final will start at 10.30 am Fri. 16th Feb. not 10.00 am as above

Umpires for Club Finals/Events

PAIRS Sun.  22nd Oct.     Pamela.

SINGLES Sun.  26th  Nov. Pamela.

MIXED SETS. Sun.  18th Feb. John.

NEW BOWLERS. Sun. 24th  Mar. Jennifer.

Kaye and Eric Sellars Day. Fri.  26th Jan. Suzanne

Club Champions 2022-2023. Singles, Trish Eastwood & Craig Jones.