Tuesday 14th Feb


14th Feb 2023

Tonight, we played away against a determined team from Coatesville.  A tough game on synthetic with old fashioned bell shaped lights that definitely need the globes upgraded.  The first half had gusty winds and it took some of us about 4 – 5 ends to get our line and length.  We had a loss tonight, which saw us drop on the ladder from 1st to 4th.  We need to win our last 4 games to keep our chances alive to play in the finals.

Rink 1 with Ray Weston, Sally King, Helen Thompson, Craig Whatman won 6 ends with four multiples (two 2’s and two 3’s).  A tough game on this rink, although getting two handy 3’s on the 11th and 13th ends and a 2 on the 14th end, had them only 3 shots down.  Sadly, lost the last three ends to go down by 10 shots.

Rink 2 with Ant Cameron, Diane Cameron, Garry Dodge and Colin Buckley won 10 ends with two multiples (one 2 and one 3).  A very low scoring game with the scores level on the 11th, 13th and 16th ends.  After playing long ends in the first half of the game, our lead moved the mat up when, so we played shorter ends, and the game changed in our favour.  A nail biter finish with our third moving the jack slightly and holding shot to give this rink a one-shot win.

Rink 3 with Craig Jones, Jim Kavanagh, Shellie Kavanagh and Janienne Woodbridge, won 6 ends with three multiples (two 2’s and one 3).  Very close game on this rink, up to the 13th end with the scores level four times.  Sadly, the opposition won the last five ends, which had this rink go down by nine shots.

The only highlight of the night were the tunes played on their sound system.  Music from the 70’s, saw many of us bopping away, even one of our skips who was born in the 90’s, thought the music was pretty good (he does have his mother’s taste in music)

Next week we play at home against Old Haileybury.  Last time we played them we lost by four shots, so let’s get our game face on and come away with a win.


RAY 12 – 22                        ANT 13 – 12                       CRAIG  10 – 19

EDITHVALE – 35           COATESVILLE – 53


Diane Cameron