21st Feb 2023


21st Feb 2023

Played at home tonight against Old Haileybury.  Well played on all rinks and our players gave their best.  Saw some brilliant bowls put down and great drives by our skips.  Sadly, with only had one winning rink and the other two rinks going down, we had a loss.

Rink 1 with Ray Weston, Sally King, Helen Thompson, Craig Whatman won 8 ends with one multiple, one 2.  Fairly even game on this rink up to the 13th end, but struggled to win ends with multiple scores.  Dropped a three on the last end to go down by 6 shots.

Rink 2 with Ant Cameron, Diane Cameron, Marika Forras and Colin Buckley won 8 ends with two multiples (one fantastic 5 and ‘super’ 6).  A handy lead at the start, with a five on the second end, but the opposition gradually won ends and caught up.  Scores were level on three occasions, 11th, 13th and 15th end.  The opposition got a three on the 16th end, but we managed to snag a SIX on the last end and a win on this rink by 3 shots.

Rink 3 with Craig Jones, Rod Cameron, Shellie Kavanagh and Glenys Gionis, won 7 ends with three multiples (two 2’s and one 3…..same as last week).  Tough game on this rink, with many ends saw us holding 2-3 shots to be taken away by the opposition skip.  Great effort by our players to come from 16 down to a 11 shot loss.

Many thanks to Trish, Gary, Pat, Robbie Janienne and Peter for coming along to spectate and cheer us on.  Also, thanks to Janienne and Peter for cooking some sausages to have after the game.  I know the visitors were very impressed.

Next week we play away at St Kilda, a must win to stay in finals contention.     GO EDI


RAY 11 – 22                        ANT 17 – 14                       CRAIG  9 – 15


EDITHVALE – 37           OLD HAILEYBURY – 51



Diane Cameron – Editor