9th February

Div 2 Section 6

Edithvale 81 (B Morton 22-13, A Cousens 25-15, G Bourne 14-28, P Woodbridge 20-17) def Hampton Park 73

The first side ventured out to the carpet at Hampton Park, and came home with 16 points and an 8 shot victory. Alan Cousens’ four opened up a solid 13-5 lead, slipped to just a 3 shot lead, but grabbed a 4 in the closing stages to win by 10 shots. This earned the rink of Alan, Deb Sherry, Eric Sellars and Jason Exton the Drinks for the Day. They were well supported by Billy Morton’s four, who had a very low scoring match except for the two 6s they picked up along the way. Peter Woodbridge’s crew shot out to a big 16-4 lead, but saw that whittled down to just 3 shots by the end of the match. Greg Bourne’s team were up against the opposition’s best rink, and despite picking up a 5 and a 3, lost by 14 shots.

Div 2 Section 8

Edithvale 57 (P Bryant 15-20, B Overson 12-32, A Benson 14-20, B Grace 16-29) lost to Clayton 101

The second side hosted Clayton, and lost by 44 shots. Pam Bryant’s team did well to score two 4s in their 5 shot loss. Andrew Benson’s crew led 13-7 at the halfway stage, but struggled in the back end for a 6 shot loss. Brian Grace’s four trailled 2-13 early, reduced their deficit to just 4 shots, but fell away again for a 13 shot loss, while Barb Overson’s team picked up a 5 early, but were overpowered in their 20 shot loss.

Div 4 Section 8

Edithvale 75 (C Baskett 22-15, P Brain 17-17, N Lewis 21-20, M Bourne 15-20) def Noble Park 72

The third side journeyed out to Noble Park, and after a tight match, came home with a 3 shot win. Claire Baskett’s four scored two 4s in their important 7 shot win, while Neil Lewis’ team picked up three 3s early and hung on grimly for a 1 shot win. Peter Brain’s crew fought their way back from 7-13 to force a tie, with Glenys Gionis trailling the jack towards some friendly bowls on the last end. Margaret Bourne’s four started slowly to trail 1-14, but won eight ends in the homeward stretch to lose by just 5 shots.

Div 5 Section 6

Edithvale 49 (I Thomas 16-19, B Baird 8-26, J Cracknell 9-29, B Turnbull 16-28) lost to Keysborough 102

The fourth side hosted Keysborough, but found it tough going and lost by 53 shots. Ian Thomas’ crew had the close match, scoring a couple of 3s in their 3 shot loss. Bernie Turnbull’s four had a match of two halves, leading 15-5 midway through the match, but going down by 12 shots. Bob Baird’s four found the opposition too strong all day in their 18 shot loss, while John Cracknell’s team won the opening two ends but struggled after that for a 20 shot loss.