Edithvale Singles Championships 2018/19

Congratulations to the Edithvale Bowling Club Singles Champions for 2018/19

Sunday 16th December, was a great day to watch some wonderful bowling on A green  at Edithvale.

In the Ladies Final, Rosemary Grace and Heather Redpath took to the Green. Rosemary and Heather played some wonderful bowls and had highlights during the game. After playing 23 ends the Ladies Singles champion was Heather with a final score of  27-13.

In the Mens Final, Jason Exton and John Bryant were close all game. After 16 ends, the score was 15-14 to John. After 22 ends, it was 18 all, 25 ends 19-20 to Jason. Jason then scored a 2 and a 1, then John scored a 1 and a 2! After 29 ends it was Jason in the lead at 23-22. Then on the 3oth end Jason scored a 2 to win his first Club Championship. It was an emotional day for the Exton family, with Jim watching all game. Jason then dedicated his win to his Dad.

Well done to our Runners-up – John Bryant and Rosemary Grace, and

Congratulations to the 2018/19 Club Singles Champions – Jason Exton and Heather Redpath

Peter Woodbridge presented Jason with his Club champion badge and Barbara Sharp to Heather. Thanks to everyone who bought a plate, it was enjoyed by everyone after the formalities.

Thank you to all who came to watch and support our members. Also a huge thank you to our Scoreboard attendants, Alan Cousens, Billy Morton, Peter Sale and Margaret Rook. Our markers, Greg Bourne and Barbara Sharp and our very busy Umpire, Suzanne Webber.