19th February

Tuesday’s Night pennant game this week was played against 3rd placed Noble Park on their home turf (green).  To throw us off our game they had us playing East-West, so every odd end we played direct into the sun, until it set (about the 7th end), But this only made our concentration and determination to win even stronger.

Alan, Diane, Glenys and Rod Cameron’s rink had a huge win of 28 shots.  Each member had brilliant shots, drawing in and around the Jack for majority of the game.  The opposition had at times took the shot away, but we managed to get the shot back our way.

Greg, Kaye, Doug and Rod Houghton had a close game on their rink all night, with many tight heads.  The last 2 ends went their way and they came away with a 2 shot win.

Bobby, Shellie, Sally and Craig’s rink also had a close game all night with the lead taken off them on the 2nd last end, when the opposition got a four and our team were down by 3 shots.  When the skips came down to bowl on their last end, Edithvale were down by 2.  Bobby had the last bowl of the night and when it left his hand, he was not happy with the way it left his hand, but fear not, it came in beautifully, collected the jack and trailed it back to where there were Edithvale bowls waiting.  After a nervous minute wait and careful measuring by Shellie, they got a 3 to tie the game.

With final ends played under a huge full moon, there were a couple of excited Edithvale members singing “By the light of the Silvery Moon”

A GREAT victory to the team, well done to all players and many thanks to Peter Sale for coming along to watch and support the club.

Final scores for the night – Greg 15-13            Alan 30-2          Bobby 17-17

EDITHVALE – 62                          NOBLE PARK – 32

Next week we play St Kilda at St Kilda ………’Road Trip’.  St Kilda are currently 2nd on the ladder