28 January 2020


Firstly, a great effort by both sides tonight playing at home on our grass green for the first time since before Christmas due to maintenance.  It was tough at the start finding our length and grass.  We didn’t come away with both sides going down.  Division 2 played Elsternwick Club and Division 5 played Malvern

Alan, Glenys, Kaye and Rod C won 10 ends on the night with 4 multiples (three 2’s and one 3).  This was a close game on this rink with a few lead changes during the 17 ends.  Winning the last two ends with a 2 & 3 gave this rink a 4-shot win. John, Peter W, Sally and Jim had a tough game on their rink winning only 7 ends and dropped some vital ends of 7 multiples.  Had a great four on the last end to peg the deficit back to a 9-shot loss.  Bobby, Greg, Pauline and Craig won 8 ends but seemed to play a catch-up game.  On the 2nd last end they got a 3 and were down by one shot.  Sadly, lost the last end by a shot and went down by 2

ALAN 15-11                         JOHN 12-21                         BOBBY 13-15

EDITHVALE  40                   ELSTERNWICK CLUB  47

Andrew, Barb, Elwyn and Rod H shot out to a 7-shot lead by the 4th end.  They must have hit the snooze button with the scores all level on the 8th end.  Andrew spurred his team mates on, and they then won the next 4 ends and had a 6-shot lead.  The snooze button was hit again, and the opposition caught up with the game all tied after the 17th end.  Shellie started well with a 3 & 4 and scores were level on the 6th end.  They then lost the next 4 ends and were now down by 10 shots.  They got a handy 2 and although holding shot many times was taken away by the opposition.  This rink went down by 14 shots, Diane, Marika, Rachel and Colin (brother and sister playing on the same rink for the first time) had a very close game all night with the lead see-sawing for most of the game.  A few good saves by the team which won some vital ends.  Last 3 ends had a positive result and a 3 shot win

ANDREW  14-14                SHELLIE  9-25                      DIANE  16-13

                                    EDITHVALE 39        MALVERN 52

Thanks to Ann for filling in and to Lynne for preparing the supper.  Great effort team.  We are now in the second half of the season


Diane Cameron – Editor